Friday, November 9, 2007

Big Yawn...

At 3:30 this morning Sheba stood up in bed and barked. (Yes, I sleep with the dog!) She doesn't usually get up in the night so I knew something was wrong and sat up. Then the doorbell rang. Rick got up, looked out, saw a teenager on the porch and went to get his pants on. When he got back to the door the kid was gone. By now, I was up and saw someone jogging down the street. Rick called the police, thinking maybe the kid had car trouble and needed help. The police had a very bright spotlight which they searched our neighborhood with but I don't know if they ever found him or not. We went back to bed but couldn't fall back to sleep! I gave it an hour or so but no joy. Only info-mercials are on TV at 4; did you know that?
Now, I'm tired and I'm thinking I will try to go back to bed. Thank goodness I don't need to be to work until 2pm...zzzz.

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