Saturday, January 16, 2021

Books of the Bible Update

 This is such a great project! I am enjoying every stitch. Even the frogging. I decided I didn't care for the letters I stitched in blue, frogged them out, and stitched again in pink. Much better!

 This was photographed the other day so in "real life," part of Philippians is stitched but it takes forever for the picture to get from the cloud to my PC if I haven't turned my computer on in a few days. In other words, I was too lazy to upload a current photo! This project is well over halfway finished. Better start looking for a new project to look forward to. I sometimes get rather "blue" after finishing something I really enjoyed stitching and try to stave it off!

 Do you ever get finished project blues? 

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  1. Never!!! Usually can't wait till it's over.

  2. I always work on about five projects at the same time , so now never get the blues.
    Stitching is looking wonderful.
    Enjoy your new week.

  3. Your stitch is looking good. Love the colors in it!

  4. I do if I feel like I stitched it too quickly. But some I sure am happy to see the tail end of. I really like the bit of pink you added. It's beautiful!

  5. This looks so lovely, I do like the pink letters, too.

  6. Now I can see the letters you've changed, I can see the secret message! That is a very neat way to personalise the design.

  7. I may have to stitch this. Love it. Your personalization is great!


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