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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Floss Tag

I couldn't stand not trying something new! With Staci and Becky's encouragement I stitched up a little gift for my friend in France. This design is Tiny Toad a freebie by The Cricket Collection. I used Staci's instructions to create the floss ring tag. It was super easy to do, although...I do recommend a bit of practice attaching the eyelets; my first couple were pretty sad!

This is a gift, but it hasn't been mailed yet. I'll go to the post office with it after work tomorrow. I don't mind if my friend happens to see it before is arrives but I don't think she reads my blog.

Many thanks for your sweet comments and lots of stitchy hugs for updating your own blogs! You all are always giving me such great ideas and I love reading your wonderful posts!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bowl of Destiny has spoken

The names have been printed and prepared and are awaiting the selection process...strange, the mighty Bowl of Destiny looks much more feminine than when Edgar used it!
Speak to us, O wondrous and omniscient Bowl...reveal to us the One To Be Silked...
Lacking Edgar's Chihuahuas, we had to rely on Taco. I said I'd use an impartial member of my family to draw the winner...and I am pretty sure the Border Collie is smart enough to read.
Taco is thinking hard before she chooses...
Is it this one???
Oh...it's Paisley!
Congratulations to Paisley...the mighty Bowl of Destiny is now returned to Edgar!
This giveaway was to celebrate 3000 visitors. My Mapstats showed nearly 4000 visitors last night! Thank you all for reading my blog. Thanks for joining in on the fun. Most of all, thank you for being such wonderful friends.

Monday, June 23, 2008

RAK from Rachael

Look what the postie just brought! Rachael RAK'd me with the most darling ladybug pincushion ever! Isn't this sweet? This is stitched on white plainweave with a pretty red fabric for the back. Not sure how well it shows but it is tufted in the center. This is too cute! I love ladybugs; I think they call them ladybirds in the UK...I understand Rachael stitched this on her recent holiday to Menorca. From the postcard she included it looks like a lovely area to vacation in.
Thank you, sweet Rachael...I love this!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little brown blob

A new start! A new start! A new start!

As you can tell, I am excited! I kitted up Summer Joy today and gave it a couple of hours. It is just a brown blob so far but that is the beginning of the beehive. I've added the WIP photo and link in my sidebar. OMG, I have four WIP's!!! I think that is the most I have ever had going at once; so this is major stuff~for me, at least.

I really love the colors in this project. They are so cheery and uplifting. I also LOVE the African Daisy fabric I chose...the color is simply delicious! I have an idea this project will be finished in no time...
Thanks to everyone for your comments and encouragement. You all mean a lot to me. I am astonished at the response to the giveaway too...who knew? I adore all of you!

Friday, June 20, 2008

3000 Giveaway

Last night...I hit 3000 visitors to my blog! (See my mapstats for details!) In celebration, I am going to host my first giveaway.

Up for grabs is two packages of Kreinik silk threads.

I think one thread was slightly used...this before I discovered I am allergic to silk! My misfortune is your gain...

The rules...

You have until June 27th (ish) to make a comment on this post.
I will put all the names in Edgar's mighty Bowl of Destiny on Saturday morning, June 28th.
One name will be drawn at random by some impartial member of my family.
I will post the winner to my blog.
If your name is drawn you will need to send me an email (link in sidebar) with your mailing address.

This giveaway is open to anyone wanting to participate. International welcome. You do not need to be a regular reader of my blog!

Here is a photo of the silks...the 'eiland livestock is not included!

Good luck and have fun!
The contest has ended and the name is being chosen from the mighty Bowl of Destiny...results will be posted shortly!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

les moutons

Here is a photo of my recent progress, as promised. I've been stitching the counting sheep this week. Not a lot accomplished; not as much stitching time as I would like to have. This is a fun design to stitch! I must really be careful as I refer back to the chart...one white fluffy ball of sheep looks much like another! Tweeding the GAST makes a nice subtle variation in color and I'm quite pleased with it so far.
I must thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments. I am blessed with many great friends!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fairy Dragon Freebie

I'm posting another free cross stitch pattern. This one was not created by me...my darling daughter made this one for you! Jessie loves dragons and she is the real artist in the family. Although she doesn't cross stitch she did an excellent job in pattern making; with only a few pointers from me.

Choose your own colors!
For this design you need:

Red (mushroom top)
Black (backstitching, nostril)
Light Tan (mushroom stem)
Bright Yellow (mushroom spots)
Dark Green (dragon)
Light Green (dragon)
Dark Gold (dragon horns)
Dark Yellow (eye)
Light Blue (wings)
Dark Blue (wing backstitching)

If you stitch this design, please email me a photo!

I haven't had anything to blog about this week. Such a boring life, eh? I have been stitching and I promise to post a progress picture soon!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I want you to meet someone

Everyone please go and visit Coni a new stitchy blogger.

You simply must scroll down to her first posts and see her stitching studio; it is incredible! Coni has some really beautiful stitching to share as well.

Welcome to blogland, Coni!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A partial row

It has been a while since I've worked on the peacocks. Isn't that sad? I've been stitching for exchanges and freebie models...but in between I have done a little bit on Peacock Cypher. The glass peacock bead goes where the blank spot is in the middle near the bottom row.

I love the over one stitches on this design...it's the lettering...plus I love how all the letters are a different font; Just Nan is so clever! I'm not sure what kind of fabric this is but there are things I like and dislike about it. I like that it holds the over one stitches well; threads slip under very little. I don't like it's slightly stretchy feel. I also find the needle splits the fabric very easily so I'm often having to back out and restitch. However, it is a pretty fabric and the color is much nicer in real life.
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A New Start?

Yesterday was another Talons home game. Since Rick was off playing on his motorcycle with friends I took advantage of being husband-less and went stash shopping at The Silver Needle before the game! I had to spend the gift certificate Jessie bought me for Mother's Day, right?

I had a blast without someone waiting for me to finish...one always feels rushed; do you? I took my time and searched out a few things I just had to have. The first thing that really caught my eye was this Sisters and Best Friends chart Summer Joy. Love the colors and the bumblebees! I've always admired those S&BF designs I've seen others working on but I have never stitched one. This chart was so enticing I actually bought fabric and the Gentle Arts threads needed! The fabric I chose is a 28 count Jobelan called African Daisy...just yummy. I've been looking for another (yes, another, omg) WIP; have I found it?
I did have a couple of other charts picked out but those went back on the shelf when I found When Barnabee Met Bella by Just Nan. It is super hard to resist Just Nan designs. I love biscornus and this one is really detailed; not sure when I'll start it.
When I was finished with my stash shopping I made a trip to Barnes and Noble to see if they had any good magazines...they had good ones but they were all ones I already had...I ended up buying The Norton Trilogy by Peter Gethers. These are the bestselling The Cat Who... books -three in one Volume. I'm looking forward to reading it. Rick met me at the game and we had a good time. The Talons won...we did lose a game last weekend; I almost cried! But it looks like the team has pulled it together again.
A picture to prove I actually stitch; not just buy stash! I've done a bit of work on Peacock Cypher. You can read more about this on the Peacock SAL blog; after I finish this post...
A big thanks to everyone leaving comments; you really brighten my days!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I luv sheeps...freebie!

I should be working on my three WIP's but I've been fiddling around with PCStitch Pro! I have created a new freebie pattern for you. I really like sheep; in fact one of my WIP's is a sheep design. I sat down and designed this last night and stitched it this evening.

Here is Ewe Are Loved all stitched up...
Here is the chart for you to stitch it. Please note, this chart is copyrighted by me...please don't copy and email it. I don't mind if you link to this page.

I used Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads...Whitewash, Kohl and Confetti on 28 count tea dyed Monaco, stitched over one thread.

I hope you enjoy my little splurge of creativity!
If you stitch this send me a picture!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fair and Square exchange received

Yippee! I can finally show a bit of stitching! I've had word my Fair and Square exchange has been received! My partner was Joan and I stitched Tin Pin USA by Twisted Threads, using Weeks Dye Works on 32 count tea-dyed Belfast. I had a major boo boo stitching this design...I didn't dye the fabric dark enough and the white parts blended right into the background! It really looked weird! So I improvised a background with DMC. I think it turned out OK.
Here is a snap of the goodies I sent with the squares.
Thank you for being my partner, Joan! I truly enjoyed stitching for you!