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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Change of Plans

I finished my little Cardinal stitch. Would you believe I had no trouble placing those branches? The last Victoria Sampler birdie I did was a booger...I think the bits of snow helped me on this one. All these little guys need are beads for their eyes and finish-finishing.

Design- "Love"
Designer - Victoria Sampler
Fabric - 32 count Jobelan, tea dyed by Daffycat
Fiber - DMC

Finishing that, I was free to start Plum Street Samplers' Twelve Days of Christmas series. Here was the fabric I was going to use. A lovely 28 count black Jobelan. Shelly, of An Arizona Stitcher gifted me a 123Stitch gift certificate for guessing the artist of a song she mentioned. I used that to purchase the fabric. Isn't it gorgeous? Carol, of Stitching Dreams often stitches Christmas ornaments on black, and they look amazing. So I was going to pull a "Carol" and stitch these freebies on that dramatic black fabric.

Then, Paulette went and added four blackbirds in the Fourth Day ornament! Noooooo! I'm glad I had to wait to start stitching. Here is my start on "A Partridge in a Pear Tree" on 32 count Daffycat-dyed Jobelan.

This means I need to find more ornaments to stitch, right? I have all that fabric, after all. Thank you so much for the fabric, Shelly!

There are still quilt rows to be sewed. They are not waiting patiently. Sitting there. Staring. At me. It's a lil' creepy...

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Darn It, Paulette!

I know I've been posting a lot of quilting this past year...but I still stitch! The pumpkin pillow in my latest Pumpkin Day post was finished in recent months, I just saved posting about it for that special day. There is a little project going right now:

I adore The Victoria Sampler's birdies. Too cute! The pine branches always seem to get the best of me, I can never get them placed as charted! Never!

I need to get this one finished, yesterday, if possible. Yesterday? Because OMG have you seen Plum Street Samplers new Sunday Mystery Sampler? AS IF I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH PROJECTS ON THE GO Paulette is gifting the lot of us with the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas designs she started in Just Cross Stitch magazine. Now, I love me some 12 Days and these are just too nice to save for later! I have fabric ordered from 123 Stitch! so as soon as it's here, wahoo! Just kidding about cursing over it...many, many thanks to our dear, generous Paulette!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015


We just aren't going to mention the fact the New Moon was five days ago and I am late again, okay? My ORTs are still being collected in this huge, ugly Ziploc storage bag. There were lots of new triangles added...I miscounted how many setting blocks I needed, wait, let's not mention that either. The large tangle of thread is the bits from bobbin ends, no mentioning of the two times I sewed with no bobbin thread or the one time with no needle thread!

The bag is sitting inside my pretty wooden leaf bowl, if that makes any difference! The little 2 inch squares are my leader-ender blocks. Those blocks will one day be their own quilt, for now they just start and end my chain-piecing.

Some of you have have asked where my cross stitch has gone. I promise, it's just on hiatus while I get some of this quilting bug cured. I started learning to quilt because I wanted a made-by-me quilt for my own bed. 

You wouldn't believe how much fabric and how many rows it takes to cover a king-sized bed!

I have all the rows completed. I think. Unless I have miscounted. I could have miscounted! I'm no great shakes at math and quilting takes so much math!

I've started sewing all the rows together. It won't take long now! This will have to be sent off to be quilted as there is no way I can quilt it myself on my little machine. It's HUGE! I am getting excited about finishing this project.


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