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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A little test


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Exchanges ~ Gahh!

I love exchanges. It is so exciting creating something special and mailing it off! It is especially fun when your project turns out perfect. The worst thing about exchanges is being a stitching blogger and not being able to post pictures or chat about what you are stitching! I'm in the middle of a rash of exchange stitching so I can only rarely post. Grump! So...I decided I'd share one of my favorite exchange finishes today.

I repeat, this is an old finish!

This is from an EMS sachet exchange I did last year-before I began blogging. The exchange was recipient's choice and mine chose "cute bears." Well, the cutest bear I know is Margaret Sherry's Archie Bear from the UK's Cross Stitcher Magazine. So, I stitched Archie "Thinking of You" (sitting on a log) from the December 2005 issue. On the back of the sachet, I stitched a little part of the Archie design "Head Over Heels" (ladybugs and butterflies) from the July 2005 issue, and stitched our EMS screen names and the date. I loved the way this sachet turned out. I used the selvage edge for the hem and tied it up with a white bow. I really, really wanted to keep it for myself but I sent it off to Linda from Stargazer's Haven.

I have a couple of questions & such from recent comments to answer...

Someone mentioned putting the eyelet through the stitching on the floss ring tag I made...yes, I did, although I put a dab of Fray Stop on where I cut the hole through. Regarding the rings; in the USA, Wal-Mart carries colored book rings. They are stocked with the office/school supplies with such things as push pins.

Several people have commented and emailed regarding how I finished the cube. Vonna has great finishing instructions on her blog The Twisted Stitcher. I followed those and it was super easy! And the bow? I googled "how to make a bow" and it came up with several links to crafts sites and Youtube videos. After watching a few videos that bow was simple to make, as well!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Exchange with Becky

The Halloween exchange I stitched for Becky has arrived! I decided to make a cube finish as I've never done one, it turned out all right. That bow I made rocks! Also my first. (I'm now trying to think of more things that need bows...) I think I'd rather have done a half-width cube but it looks okay. Please visit Becky's blog for nicer photos...and I forgot to photo the back of the cube! I really enjoyed stitching for Becky.

Design ~ Hip Hop Black Cat
Designer ~ Sam Sarah
Fabric ~ 32 count Belfast, tea dyed by me
Fiber ~ Gentle Arts Sampler Threads
Finish ~ Cube

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oooo, look what I got!

Angela, of Hooked On Stitches, recently held a Halloween giveaway draw and I was the first place winner! It was a surprise what I'd get; I knew it would be a stitched piece and a chart. I never expected my first scissors pocket! I popped my peacock scissors in, first thing! It is so wonderful.
Isn't it beautifully finished? Angela does a lovely job. I also received a Brittercup Designs chart called "Boo!" When I pointed out the M&M's greeting card to Jessie and she called it a freakin' awesome card ~ it is too cute! Such a wonderful prize!
Thank you, Angela!

Still plugging away at my Halloween exchange for Becky. I am also hosting a snowman exchange with a group of friends that needs to be started soon. I thought once Arena Football was over for the season I'd have more stitching time. No, we have been spending it all carelessly on motorcycle rides before it's too cold.

My blogoversary is less than a month away. I'll do a giveaway...so watch for it! Thank you for visiting and for leaving me such kind comments!

Friday, October 3, 2008

KISS exchange received

I received word my KISS exchange arrived in the UK for Val and completely forgot to post about it. It must be that Old Blind Dogs swoon I am still in! Anyway, I stitched up a floss tag using, using...OMG, I forget which magazine this design came from! I'll have to suss it out. I really enjoyed stitching for Val! Visit her site for pictures of the entire exchange package...and for awesome photos in general; Val is quite a good photographer.

Many thanks to all that visit here regularly and welcome new visitors! I cherish your comments and really look forward to reading them. I must admit I am behind in commenting! I have been reading your entries...I did get behind being away and ill this past week so I haven't been able to comment as often as I'd like.