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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March-April ORT Report

I know. I know. I know. I know!

I completely blew off the TUSAL in March.

I have not stitched since those 12 stitches in January. 

Some TUSAL leader I am. Blah! 

Training a puppy, working full time and keeping up with daily life is getting the best of me. I promise to try better. Or at least keep my blog updated for you! 

Since I have no lovely stitching to show off, I shall give you a peek at wee Molly:

Here was Molly on Christmas Day. Was she really that chubby and stubby? So snuggle-able but for all the Raptor teeth! 

She is now becoming a most lovely girl. Still full of vinegar. She jumps up to look at what I'm doing at the kitchen counter and when I tell her to *get off!* she barks at me! She lost the last of those Raptor teeth over last weekend. I'm thankful for a mouth full of dull big dog teeth because:

I must be careful when I'm cleaning as she gets very excited at rapid hand motions and is liable to bite before you realize just how excited she is! This was the case with this purple box. She got excited as I was wiping it off and jumped on top. To EAT me, I am sure. 

 Then, she thought she was so clever being high up. Look how fast her tail is wagging! Silly Mollywog! Do you see how her ears stick out to the side? I guess she likes them that way. She can put them up if she really wants to. They stand with floppy tips. CUTE! But she likes airplane ears the best.

For such an ornery puppy Molly really a good girl. We have been leaving her loose in the house lately while we work or run errands and she has been an angel so far. I think every toy in every toy box gets played with! On Monday while I was at work she accidentally closed the bedroom door, shutting herself in the dark for who knows how long? I've put one of her toy boxes in front of the door so she can't lock herself in again. 

Ready for bed! 

For those faithful TUSALers who actually have ORTs to report (unlike me) leave a comment with a link to your post so we can go see!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!