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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Such a nice cuppa

Ahhh, a nice tea...thanks to Rachael! I was running out of my Lady Grey and Rachael was kind enough to send me a box. Along with a couple of Pot Noodles for Jessie and a sweet cross stitching gift box. Thank you Rachael, I'm in Heaven!
While I'm enjoying my tea, Rick is out with friends riding this monstrosity of a motorcycle he bought last week.
Personally, I think it's the UGLIEST bike ever! If he wrecks on it and lives through...I'll probably murder him myself. I'm going to drink my tea, watch TV and cross stitch in peace and try not to worry about him!


Stitchabilities said...

I'm going to get some of that tea to try myself,do you have it with milk or on it's own. Did Jessie like the Pot Noodles? That does look like a big bike ,I am so glad Andy isn't into bikes!!

crazybeads said...

Sharon you speak of tea.
Yesterday I went to this gorgeous little shop called Tea Leaves.Sooo many different teas,teapots,strainers ,cups ,mugs etc etc .I got some Summer Pudding tea.My friend tells me to pour boiling water on the leaves,let it stand,strain it and place in the fridge ..Chilled it's good for those long hot summer days coming here soon.I shall see.
Hope Rick got home safe and sound .

Sysca said...

I write on my blog and show your Christmas card!!!
Tahnk... I like it!!!
Kisses Sysca