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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lights Reindeer

Before the miracle invention of pre-lit trees we had to first untangle strings of lights and keep them untangled as we wrapped them around the tree. Then we had to re-wrap when there were unlit areas. If you had old-fashioned lights the entire strand would be dark if one lamp was burnt out. Hopefully, you checked the strand before you strung it on the tree! I remember having loads of fun as a child finding the lamp making the mischief! 

This year finds our funny reindeer untangling her lights. It's a good thing none of the lamps are burnt out! 

My Christmas gift to you, my beloved readers. Read below how you can receive a free copy of the pattern.


Please email me to receive a copy of the design at daffy-cat AT hotmail DOT com. Tell me the name of the design you are requesting. This one is Lights Reindeer.

Respect my copyright and do not upload my designs to any website or share with other people. Yes, they are free but I still retain copyright.

My designs are published as PDF. You must have the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view/print my patterns ~ or a similar PDF viewer.

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Robin in Virginia said...

This one is darling. Thank you so much for sharing your reindeer with us.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I’ve been reading about your fall and your arm. You are quite the good soldier! You are off to a wonderful start on your Ringo Lake project. Wish I was better at piecing, sigh.

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh, I remember the untangling of lights and some of the words my father almost used, its funny how many memories stem from the past in simpler times.

Merry Christmas

Barbi said...

Thank you once again this year Sharon! It's wonderful! I'll be stitching this up this week to add to all the other ones from past years. I love them so much.
Merry Christmas my friend!!

Jessica said...

Sent off an email, cute pattern, thank you!

Kate said...

Love it!

TinaTx said...

Too cute! I haven't been blogging (or reading blogs) much the last couple of years - life just gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, I happened to click over here today and went back to read a few past posts. So sorry to hear about your arm. As someone who frequently trips over air myself, I feel your pain! Glad you had someone there to help when you fell. Sorry to hear about your mother. I know that is hard. My mother has MS and is pretty much confined to a wheelchair. Sometimes she can get herself in and out of bed on her own and sometimes she can't. When I go stay with her (when daddy can't be there with her) I always wonder what will happen if one of us falls - there is no way I can get her off the floor by myself. I actually fell out of the shower (yes - out of the shower) when I was there once - thankfully I didn't break anything but I had a bruise the size of Texas down my right side.
Glad to see you are healing and getting back into the crafting game.
Happy holidays!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hooray a new reindeer! I stitched six of them and made a cube. Is this the tenth? Only two more and I can make another cube!

Donna P. said...

So cute! Thank you!

Meari said...

I still wrap lights on my tree. Your latest reindeer is adorable.