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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Stuff and Thangs

The Walking Dead fans will recognize the reference in the title of this post, others will read it as my Okie accent bleeding through!

Lots of stuff has happened while I was off gathering myself. I finished Merry Sunshine:

Design ~ Merry Sunshine
Designer ~ La D Da
Fabric ~ 32 count Daffycat-Dyed Lugana
Fiber ~ Gentle Arts

I adore this finish. Merry was such a pleasure to stitch. I really enjoy stitching letters and words and La D Da really made some fun ones to stitch!

I got another tattoo:

The verse reads:

Take a Breath
Gently Blow
Spread Your Dreams
Let Them Grow

A little tribute to my Mom (who loved growing things) inspired by Silver Creek Samplers design "Dandy Dreams." Have I shocked you? Have I even ever mentioned I like tattoos???

I also taught myself to cuff too-short jeans into capri pants, as shown in the picture.

I think maybe I freaked everyone out enough for one day!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


butterfly said...

Lovely words for your mother.
I would be a baby with the needles .
But I do like them , my grand kids have a few ,
Love your stitch great design.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I think that is a very nice tribute to your Mom. I love the tattoo. Nice stitching. big hugs

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

I like that Merry sunshine, but I always learned the verse like this: Good morning, merry Sunshine, how did you wake so soon ..." I always wondered about the "how" part, and I think that "Why" is way better.
Your tattoo is pretty, and a tribute to your mother. I think you told about your love for tattoos before, I was not chocked at least.

Kay said...

I am not a tattoo lover but I do like the verse. x

Kate said...

That's a nice reminder of your mom. I really like how you re-fashioned your jeans into capris - love that polka dot! Merry Sunshine is a beauty!

The Primitive Moon said...

A mnie podoba sie bardzo Twoj haftowany obrazek 😊

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I do love the verse you've chosen as your tattoo - a lifelong reminder:-)

LindaLee said...

What a pretty piece you finished up. Love the colors in it. Great stitching.......as always!
I like the new tattoo! I have just one tattoo which I got a couple of years ago.
Have a great weekend and a blessed week ahead.

Kaisievic said...

Great tattoo - I love the way you are quoting a cross stitch designer! Merry Sunshine is gorgeous - love her skirt.

Carol said...

It's so nice to see what you've been creating while away "gathering yourself" (I like that phrase!)... Enjoy your weekend--I'm sure it will include something creative!

Sweet Sue said...

Happy New Year 2020 Sharon! When you have time, would you plz share your recipe for that gathering thing you do with the rest of us:)

TinaTx said...

Awesome stitching! Lots of stitches in that dress!!!
Nice tattoo. My sister and I both got one incorporating mother's handwriting last summer when we went to vegas.

Marilyn said...

The la D Da looks great, love the purple dress.
Cool Tattoo & capris.

Khristine Doiron said...

The Walking Dead, tattoos and the cutest little jean cuff I ever did see!! A girl after my own heart :)

Hazel said...

Love your finish. Not a tattoo fan but I have stitched that Silver Creek design! xx

Julie said...

A lovely reminder your tattoo is, a pretty verse. My daughter had one done when my dad passed away.
The spotty fabric certainly looks great no the capri jeans.

Mary said...

Very pretty finish.

Faith... said...

I love Merry! She is adorable in that dress. Cool tattoo and a great tribute / memory for your Mom. I am super short (4ft6) and should really learn how to make capris out of pants as EVERY pair is to long for me!

Christine said...

You began with TWD and leaped to one of my favorite la-d-dahsfollowed by a clever solution for those too-short jeans and ended with a dandy tattoo that is in no one's face but brings a smile to you when you need it. What could be better? Happy 2020 to you!

Astrids dragon said...

Merry Sunshine looks great, I hope you fully finish her soon.
Look at you, sporting the tattoo, good for you! I don't think I would get one unless it had a special meaning, like yours does.
And I love the capri pants, great idea.