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Monday, July 14, 2014

One Cool Car

One of the "perks" of being a popular blogger (I still don't know how that happened) is getting offers for free stuff. I get a few every month but I rarely take a company up on their offer. Sometimes their products just don't mesh with my blog. Sorry, I don't think I can work little kid's clothes into my theme. My "kid" is 26! Or they want to send me a $100 gift certificate but everything on their site costs above $500...no kidding a lamp company sent that one. Or the company is too demanding about what they want me to post, word-for-word. No thanks. This is me. My blog, my words...real stuff here people. If I have to insert specific sentences written by someone else it isn't going to sound like me.

Every now and again though I get an offer from a great company with very few strings and this was one of them. They said, "We send you a $25 gift certificate. You buy one of our products with it and review it on your blog. Please link to our site." Wow. Easy enough. I looked through their stuff. Awesome! Done!

What is this great company?

I know, I know...you are wondering how on Earth I can theme a sign printing company to a stitching blog?


How freaking cool is that? I have always wanted a front license plate for my car. Black cars are so dreary and this cutie really brightens it up. The Build A Sign site was so easy to use. I chose my product, uploaded my photo and added text, previewed what I had created and checked out very quickly. My plate shipped a few days later, carefully packaged.

The plate looks fantastic and fit just right. I was a little worried it would be very shiny and you wouldn't be able to see the design but the printing is perfect. I told Dash I wanted to go to Tulsa and just park in front of The Silver Needle so people could admire it. *giggle*

It was such a pleasure working with Build A Sign. I would recommend trying them if you need printing done. I like looking at all the stuff you can create there. Check out the "Just Married" car magnets ~ love it!

The only compensation I received for this review was a free license plate. The only thing the company asked me to do was to review the plate and link to their site (I liked that.)

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Totally Useless Patriotic Post

Yesterday was the New Moon. Sorry about the late Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long post. I know some of you have been chomping the bit to be able to post your link! My Ort jar grew a little bit. I finished the Pears and started a pinpillow from the most recent Just Cross Stitch magazine.

My ORT jar would have seen more action but I worked on a craft project instead of stitching during my spare time. Here is the finish of a wood DIY Bangles bracelet that I painted.

Didn't it turn out cute? I painted the bracelet using Apple Barrel craft paint, added a couple of coats of Americana satin finish varnish, then a thin coat of clear Briwax with a good buffing. A warning, just in case you try something like this yourself...do not put Briwax directly on top of craft paint that you don't want blended together. It works fine for antiquing solid colors but when you have different colors side-by-side it smears them into each other. You must use a sealer first. I'm glad I found this out by testing on a paint stick first and not my project!


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Backyard Adventures

Do you hear something?

I hear something!

I could swear I hear something.

Nope. Must have been a false alarm.

Molly never even notices the bird, even though it "attacks" her every time we step outside.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It MAY be Totally Useless

Today is the New Moon! Time to show off that ORT jar! I'm completely chuffed that I decided to just keep adding to my ORT jar instead of dumping the ORTs into my giant jar each month. It makes it look like I'm a total stitching fiend (which I am) and really shows me how much stitching I have accomplished this year.

Slowly plugging away at Sisters & Best Friends Pear. Creeping ever closer to a finish!


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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Are you confused about that cryptic title? Those are all the states I visited, in order last weekend. On Saturday Dash and I participated in the 5 State Run. This is a charity event held by the Iron Thunder Motorcycle Club...a one-day poker run through five states, covering 300 miles! I don't often post photos of myself on this blog so if you were ever curious, here's your chance to see me as I share our trip.

The poker run starts in Guymon, OK which is about 300 miles from our house, so this wasn't a one-day trip for us. We planned on two nights away. Packing for motorcycle trips takes planning...everything we take has to fit in two saddlebags and the trunk. After dropping Molly off at the doggie-hotel and Dash and I were off.

It was gorgeous weather on Friday. Blue skies with bright white clouds. Just cool enough to need long sleeves by the time we reached the Kansas border...I know it says, "Welcome to Oklahoma" we were going the other way!

We stayed Friday night in Liberal, Kansas. There are NO HOTELS anywhere near the poker run. I am not kidding. If you want to stay the night near Guymon on a Mother's Day weekend you'd better have your room booked well in advance! Other travelers at the hotel and restaurant we ate at were noticing the extreme number of motorcycles in the area and asked us what was going on. As for where we ate, if you are ever hungry in Liberal, Kansas go to Billy's Blue Duck BBQ. That was some of the best barbecue we've ever had. The brisket, especially, was out of this world.

Saturday up before dawn and on the road to get to Guymon by 7. It was a crisp 46 degrees. Chilly at 70 mph on a motorcycle! We grabbed a doughnut & coffee and our registration packets.

Busy place!

Ignore my excessive pudginess, I am wearing jeans with leather chaps, a t-shirt, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a rain-suit jacket, a hoodie and my leather vest. I felt a little like the kid from A Christmas Story, "I can't put my arms down!" But I was warm. 

Our Poker Hand at the first stop. This is a "blind" run. One doesn't know the hand until the end. At each of the five stops we draw a numbered poker chip. The attendant punches out the corresponding spot on the packet. At the last stop they open the envelope to reveal which "cards" you drew.

This is at the 2nd stop in Clayton, New Mexico. The volunteers there served us some very yummy chili. We've already been through Texas. I saw a large herd of Pronghorn Antelope on the way. No photos as they would have just looked like tan dots in a sea of tan grass. 

Now headed for Colorado. It's warming up and I've been shedding a layer of clothing at each stop, I think!

The Colorado stop involves going down a dirt road (mostly sand, scary) and over cattle guards in the road and lots of twists & turns. It was gorgeous there though.

The 4th stop was in Elkhart, Kansas. I totally forgot to take photos there as I was too busy eating brownies so I snapped this as were were headed back to Oklahoma. Every time we stop, either at a punch stop or just a stretch-your-legs stop, people ask us, "What is going on?" Every gas station we passed or stopped at looked like it was being taken over by a biker gang. Sorry folks!

Our poker hands proved a bust at the last stop, back where we started in Guymon, Oklahoma. I only thought about saving my card as we were leaving...they just automatically trash them unless they are in the top three. Poo! The top prize is $3000 so would be quite a thrill to win it. All said, there were 896 bikes with 282 passengers so that makes 1,178 people that participated! What a fun day!

We completed the poker run in about 7 1/2 hours. We didn't stay for the dinner since we still had 125 miles...or about 2 hours...to ride to get to out hotel in Woodward, Oklahoma. On the way to Woodward the temperature reached 94 degrees and I was down to a t-shirt & vest, remember we started the day at 46! At some point, a bug got up my sleeve and started stinging. He got me about 12 times before I finally decided I had enough and Dash stopped so I could strip my vest & shirt and remove it. Apologies to anyone shocked at the sight of pudgy me, half naked in the middle of the road, slapping at my back. 

In Woodward we unpacked and headed out to find somewhere to eat. Dash had looked up a place on Google but we never could find it. We ended up at Wagg's (no website) another BBQ restaurant but they had a big "catfish" sign out front. Very, very yummy fish! (I adore fried catfish.) I even splurged and had a slice of Key Lime pie - absolute heaven. In the middle of dinner, I remarked to Dash that I was suddenly, utterly, exhausted. He felt the same so we made it an early night.

Sunday found us headed for home. Windy. Windy. WINDY. I think we rode the whole way home sideways. Cold? No problem. Heat? No big deal. Rain? I'll dry out. Wind? I hate it. Wind will wear you out in no time! I unpacked as soon as I got home, started the laundry and had a nap!

With such a busy weekend and right back to work on Monday I'm still tired! My soul is refreshed but my 46 year old body is exhausted! Horrors, I've not even felt like stitching...

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Was Totally Useless

Can I get an Amen to that post title? I did NOT get the house dusted. There is dog hair covering my floor. The kitchen floor is spotted with who-knows-what and the bathroom mirrors...well, that must be toothpaste. Useless, except for stitching! Woo...just check out this ORT jar:

Stuffed, I tell you! I'm gonna have to start packing these threads down. April was a great stitching month, all-in-all. I'm really enjoying this design. Have you guessed what it is yet?

This is Sisters & Best Friends' Fruit Salad Sampler "Pear."

I know Erin was the first to guess it correctly! I will have to send her a little treat for being so clever.


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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saturday Fun & Games

Dash and I should have stayed home yesterday and "got stuff done" instead of spending the day playing. The lawn needs mowing, carpet vacuumed, bed linens washed and the dust must be appalling but I'm too scared to look. The next two weekends are going to be crazy busy so we really should have done our chores but a little sweetie named Kelsey has leukemia and we wanted to help her family.

Our day started early with a quick bite to eat before riding to Yale, Oklahoma to buy our entry into the Poker run. We chatted with other bikers and met up with our friend Brian before we were off to Cushing, OK to draw our first card. I only then remembered to take some photos...

Our bike in front, Brian's behind.

I drew a 6 of Clubs.

Wasn't it gorgeous? You can just get a glimpse of Brian in our side mirror, behind us. We don't know the people in front of us, just other riders on the run.

The above photo was taken right after the Stone Wolf Casino stop. We were making good time so we went into the casino for a cold beer. Dash handed me $20 to play slots while he and Brian chatted. I cashed out at $56 so I was tickled.

Lots of riders. I heard there were 133.

I had a really good chance before I drew that dratted Heart! Oh well, this was a "for a good cause" event so even if I had won something I would have donated it to the family. The fun was in the ride and the fellowship. And that yummy brisket sandwich we were given for lunch!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Play Frisbee!

Miss Molly has been on a diet/exercise program. Being stuck inside all winter because of nasty weather and two clueless owners refilling a dog dish whenever it was empty...little miss Molly was becoming a bit of a sausage dog! When her collar got tight, I started measuring out her kibble and reducing the amount. Now that the weather is (mostly) cooperating we have been going out several times a day to play fetch. Molly loves to fetch! She will play until she is exhausted but I try to limit our time to a heavy, happy pant. She will dash back to the house if I ask if she wants to go get a drink. Once inside she will collapse in a blissful heap on the cool floor, or if it was particularly hot, in front of the fan. Five seconds after cooling off, she is pestering me to go out again.

A quick video so you can see how slim she is getting. Her muscles are hard as rocks. Apologies, it's hard to throw a Frisbee and hold the phone at the same time...and it was windy so the video is noisy and the floppy, rubber disk we play with is hard to aim when it's windy! And neveryoumind my accent.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Totally Useless Post

This mystery project is making my ORT jar fill up with some of the prettiest colors! And no one has even come close to figuring it out! Here is an updated photo for your guessing pleasure:

Tomorrow is our 2nd New Moon in March. Do you have your ORT jar shined up for a Totally Useless Stitch A Long photo?


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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Black Cat

I'm finally getting around to posting a snappy of my finish. It's been done, we have just been crazy busy. It's also been a horribly sad time for us. Dash's oldest brother passed away and we've been out of town last week with family. Between planning home stuff and work stuff in order to to be away, I found comfort in stitching...a few stolen moments.

Design ~ Sneak Peek "Halloween"
Designer ~ The Trilogy
Fabric ~ 28 count Lugana, tea-stained
Fiber ~ DMC

Molly was boarded at the vet's office where she got giant frozen beef bones to pass the time. She came home "blowing coat" (seasonal shedding) and there are drifts of hair piled in every corner. Surely, it MUST be spring, right? 

A funny to amuse you...the receptionist at the vet's left a message today asking me to confirm Molly's boarding appointment this week. I returned the call saying that appointment was LAST week. Okay...so I get the feeling when I showed up with Molly last week, they had no idea why I was there, but happily took her in anyway. Have I mentioned how awesome our vet is?

I've now begun another project. The colors are scrumptious. Here's what I've got so far. The title? The Designer? I'm keeping it a secret from you. You will have to guess!

I'm a shameless tease.

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