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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Meaningful Craft Project

As some of you are aware, my husband is a ride captain with the Patriot Guard. This group attends the funerals of Veterans (when asked) to show honor and if needed, they act as a shield between the mourners and any protest groups. Most of the members of the Patriot Guard are motorcycle enthusiasts. You can see another post I made on this subject here.

A while back, another Ride Captain, Cowboy, gave Dash a tassel to hang from his handlebars. The colors on one side are for the American flag and the other side has the blue and yellow of the Patriot Guard Riders. The grommet used is from a retired American flag. A sweet remembrance, isn't it?

Dash asked me if I could make him another tassel in the POW-MIA colors of black and white. Ooo fun! I stopped by Hobby Lobby for supplies after work and came up with this. 

We had a few grommets from retired flags and I was able to whip out six tassels before I ran out of leather cording. 

 "Crap," I told Dash, "I have to go back to Hobby Lobby!" 

"How horrible." He replied, dryly. He knows I never mind a visit to any craft store.

I will make more of these for Dash to give away on rides. Quick and easy to make and people love free stuff, especially with meaning behind it.

I don't think Dash was pleased I wanted to snap photos of the tassels on his bike (it's covered in bugs from a recent ride) but what do you do when you are trying to leave for work and your wife is in front of your bike with a camera? Thanks, Sweetie!

Why does Rick use the road name Dash? Click here.

POW-MIA you are not forgotten.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Big One

Remember last October, when I started a new project? Specifically, the Prairie Schooler 12 Days of Christmas, stitched as separate ornaments. I'm behind on sharing where I am at on these so I thought I'd catch you up!

Barbi girl...you got some catching up to do!

Firstly, I think I skipped sharing 9 Ladies Dancing. I am sure I showed you 8 Maids and 10 Lords and I don't know how I missed 9 Ladies but here it is:

I already showed you 10 Lords finished ~ remember all my silly photos finding missing stitches? So now here is 11 Pipers completed:

And 12 Drummers:

I can't believe the stitching is completed! You can click here to see all my posts featuring these designs.

I have had a great time stitching each one. These were easy stitches and very relaxing! Don't they look great?

The fabric I tea stained for these ornaments was perfect. I used a 32 count Jobelan from 123Stitch, spotted it with strong tea, then dunked the whole piece. After dyeing, I cut the fabric into 12 even (mostly) squares and started stitching. I think I worried all these months that I'd lose my pack of fabric squares mid-way through ~ or that I'd lose one of the completed squares! Silly me.

Now for the mammoth task of finishing all of these into ornaments. I would like them all to look the same and I'm thinking to make them like the ornament in this post. This is going to take some determination to sew all 12. What the hell was I thinking???

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


ORT fail. Many apologies...your fearless TUSAL leader thought the New Moon was today! This is a little late but I'm here with some rather sparse ORTs to show. It looks like a nice full jar but really, compared to my last few months of ORT photos these are lousy!

Plus, this is a really craptastic snap but I wasn't too worried because I'm late enough as it is. Leave a comment on this post to let us know you have posted your ORT report for June...you will receive an extra entry in the TUSAL giveaways. Those of you who posted this month to last months report might want to post again here as well.

As many of you have noticed, I have been taking a little break from blogging. Thank you all for the emails and comments inquiring as to my whereabouts. I didn't mean to be gone so long! Life hasn't been the same these last few months. Losing Sheba was such a heartbreak, she was such a big part of our lives. How can one little soul leave such a giant hole? Dash and I have been trying to cope, sometimes not very well. I am hopeful the worst is over and sunnier days are ahead. 

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