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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Glows

Two down and ten to go. Plus that long, honkin' border! I really enjoyed this month's stitch. It seriously helped me unwind after work each day. Not that I have much time to stitch but even a few stitches relieves stress. I can't decide what I want to stitch for the rest of the week. Do I want to start another exchange project? Or maybe pull out a UFO? Decisions, decisions!

When I was kitting up this February stitch I found I was out of DMC 613. Is it kitted up elsewhere? Who knows! Easier just to go get a couple of skeins, right? So, on my day off work, I make a stop at Hobby Lobby and grab two skeins of 613. The cashier says, "That will be seventy-six cents." I was searching my purse for my money wallet. Nothing. Nada. It was in my work apron at home. I was so embarrassed to charge $.76 to my credit card. ***sigh***

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Friday, February 19, 2010

In the Funhouse

I am terribly, awfully, incapacitatingly nearsighted. Nearsighted ~ I can see up close but not far away. Without glasses or contacts I would be unable to function. I haven't had a new pair of glasses in five or six years but today I went to pick up my new pair! Aren't they nifty? Can you see they have no nose pieces? The bridge just rests on the nose. You'd think they'd slip around but they don't. Best of all, they are quiet. The old pairs' nose pieces clicked and rattled and jiggled. I like these so much! Unfortunately, I also have a new prescription and it's tricking my eyes into seeing a funhouse mirror image of everything! Things look wavy and distorted. Thank goodness the effect should go away very soon.

Another happy event today...I received this beauty from Susan of Afford Your Passions. Susan had a blog giveaway drawing and I won, I won, I won! Brown is one of my favorite colors and isn't this pincushion a lovely shade of brown? Thank you so much Susan ~ I love it!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stitching Time

After several glorious hours of uninterrupted stitching time I was able to finish my exchange project. Then, I made a good start into my February Snapper. This will go quickly now.

I had a few questions about how I manage all the scads of fabric for this project. 52 inches of fabric is quite a handful! First off, I stitch in hand. And I stitch on a desk top with the fabric resting on the desk. When it is a "regular" project I'll roll the top and fold the bottom. Since this one is "long" I'm rolling the left and folding the right. If I'd thought about it, I would have started stitching "sideways" so I could have my roll & fold the same as usual. But hindsight, you know? I wonder how easy it is going to be stitching December with that big fat roll on the left?

There is a brand-spanking-new blogger on the block! Please, go meet Patti of Any Day Spent Stitching is a Good Day. She is really nice! Patti, would you please add the date stamp to your posts...that way we know how behind we are when we visit. Plus, I'm up for seeing photos of your Reggie sometime!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm a lazy blogger

Will you be my Valentine anyway?

See more silly kitties at Lolcats and funny doggies at Loldogs.

It's that time again! Here is my TU SAL for the new moon. And it's on time, no less! I've been working on a couple of different projects lately so my threads are quite the variety on top!

All the way from Madrid, Spain, here is what Doris sent when I won her blogoversary giveaway. Look at the plethora of stitchy goodies! I'm just over the moon! Thank you Doris and happy blogoversary!
I wish blogger would fix this glitch and give me
the damn line break between paragraphs.

Now, why have I been a lazy blogger? Maybe a lack of stitchy pictures to share? I'm working on exchange stitching and I always pout when I can't share photos. I haven't been able to get a start on my February Snapper either, which is bugging me. To no end.

In other news, I have received a seriously good promotion at work. I've started training last week. The new position has me getting up a hour and a half earlier (4am) than I am used to (5:30am) so that is a bit of an adjustment. It's really hard going to bed earlier! I am thinking I will really like my new job once I know what I am doing. Feeling rather awkward at the moment! Things will settle down around here soon and I'll be right back to my chatty, bloggy self in no time!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Love Bug

My Valentine exchange has landed! Paula, of Needles, Hooks & Paperback Books has emailed to let me know it arrived. I sewed her a long pillow and a little scissor fob. This was one of the rare times I've mailed an exchange late. You see, I had the long pillow all ready to be mailed when I received my Valentine, the gorgeous scissor keep from Michelle. Suffering from a bit of performance anxiety, I was positive my exchange was inferior. So I decided to whip up a little fob to make up for it. Then, I had a rough week at the grocery store because another winter storm was predicted and all of Stillwater had to stock up on several weeks worth of groceries before it hit. I was so tired after work each day that the fob took me forever to finish. And then the storm arrived. So with all these excuses the exchange was a day late being mailed. Why yes, I am OCD. How can you tell?

Paula seemed to like what I sent so I seem to be forgiven.

Design ~ Love Bug
Designer ~ Erynne Chard
Fabric ~ 28 count Crossed Wings Linen in Rainforest
Finish ~ Long Pillow
Fiber ~ DMC

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