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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger Problems?

Everyone is having Blogger problems since the failed update several days ago. Please, be patient while they iron all the bugs out! I do notice a LOT of problems with commenting lately. If you have trouble commenting on a blog try to contact the blog owner and let them know. The fix is easy. I've even posted about it before!

Change your comment form to the pop-up window type.

Easy as pie, I promise!

Go to:
Comment Form Placement

Once that is done people will have no trouble with the run-around-sign-in-error-anonymous-post bug! And they can leave thrilling comments on your latest gorgeous stitching!

You say you've already done this back when I told you before? Well, if you have played around with your layout since then it may have reverted back! Go check. You don't want to miss receiving those comments!

Speaking of gorgeous stitching...Dandy Dreams is coming along.


There would have been more stitching, possibly even a finish here, if it hadn't been for catching a rotten, crummy cold...on top of having a dog with an intestinal bug that left her squirting poo on my carpets. So I've been coughing and snotting while poking various pills down Sheba's throat and cleaning carpet. Actually, it is probably a good thing I can't smell...

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Rest of the Story ~ A TUSAL Post

Today I received an unexpected email. It was from M ~ Yoyo's daughter. Those of us who are long-time TUSAL-ers remember Yoyo ~ the original host of the Totally Useless Stitch A Long. Yoyo blogged at Dragon My Needle, a blog that no longer exists. Many, many of us have long wondered what happened to our dear friend. With M's email we know the rest of the story.

Yoyo suffered a bad stroke and can no longer stitch or blog.

Yoyo is the cause of this ginormous ORT jar.

M wanted me to know how pleased she and her mother were to learn we were carrying on with the Totally Useless Endeavor. I wanted you all to know what happened and to give you the chance of sending any wishes or greetings for Yoyo...M is reading these Useless Posts to her. Leave a comment and Yoyo will be told!

M also wanted to know if there was anyone Yoyo owed an exchange or gift to? She has several items labeled as such but no way of knowing where they go. Send me an email and I'll get you in touch.

Are you are from outside of the United States and wondering what "The Rest of the Story" means? It was a radio talk show segment by Paul Harvey. I grew up listening to it, mostly in my Dad's work truck. It brings back nostalgic memories.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Dreams

With Blogger down for two days I was able to get a little stitching done. In between popping online to check if we were up and running again, that is! I'm pleased with my progress on Dandy Dreams so far. The colors are just lovely and this is such an enjoyable project to stitch.

Before Blogger went and removed our 5/11 posts (and then reposted them) I had scads of comments on my last post. Poo, they all disappeared. There were many comments complementing my fabric choice. Thank you!

The fabric is 32 count Lugana which I dyed myself. First, I boiled several tea bags in a small pot, letting them steep for a long time to get a rich color. Then I filled the sink with a couple inches of hot water and poured in the steeped tea. I wadded up my fabric and tossed it in. I didn't want a dark color so I only left it for a few minutes. I then drained the sink and washed the fabric with laundry soap and ironed it dry.

After it was dry I decided it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for so I boiled more tea. I think I used four bags in about a cup of water. Then I laid my dried fabric on paper towels on plastic wrap. (My kitchen counter top stains and I didn't want to have to bleach it.) I used a spoon to dribble, drab and drop the tea on. I even flung a bit of tea around to get smaller spots and ended up with tea stains on the counter anyway! I used a hot iron to "set" the tea drops then I washed the fabric again.

I hear a few gasps from those who've heard using tea was a big no-no because it was acidic and would ruin your project. Ummm, yeah, whatever! I've used tea, coffee and fabric dyes for years with nary a problem. Historically, so have many, many needleworkers. Tea is a natural dye, just like using berries, root vegetables or walnuts. So have fun, try it yourself and don't be afraid to experiment!

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I had a hard time deciding what to stitch next. That is unusual. My next project is often lined up well before I have a finish but I got off track somehow. It took some doing, but I finally decided on Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Samplers. I'm thinking this will make a darling pillow when I am through! Yay ~ a new start!

Thank you so much for the kind words about my latest finishes! Anne has received my giveaway and Jackie has received my RAK. It is such a pleasure to stitch for my blog friends. I adore surprising someone with a hidden giveaway or a random act of kindness. My blog friends are the best!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Fat Rabbit

The finishing is finally complete on my current project. Isn't he a funny fat bunny? I keep finding rabbit designs in my stash that I must stitch now. It must be the season. Pictured here, on a handful of ORTs from my jar...I created a little pin pillow and even made some pins to go with it. Side note ~ beads for pins are kinda expensive aren't they? I about fainted when I saw the ones I wanted were $10 for six beads...shown here are my second choice beads ~ at a kinder price.

Design ~ Springology (portion)
Designer ~ The Trilogy
Fabric ~ 32 count Jobelan, lightly tea-dyed
Fiber ~ DMC

It's been a while since I've sent off a Random Act of Kindness (or RAK,) hasn't it? I think this is my first RAK this year. Oh yeah, surprise! This Fat Rabbit pin pillow & pins is being mailed off tomorrow to someone that reads this blog! Maybe it's you?

This RAK went to Jackie of Jackie's Stitches!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May ORT Report

Remember last month when I had such a skimpy wisp of ORTs in my jar? I'm well pleased with this pile. And since Margaret was showing off her pretty Kleenex box last month I knew I had to show off mine. 'Cause it's even prettier than hers. Sorry, Margaret, I could not resist the funny! Actually, I do like this box and it's always on my stitching desk. I've had it for a looooong time. When it runs empty, I open the taped up end and add new tissues. Is that OCD or what?

Did you see Beth's Quail? Oh my, they are so darling. I wish I had Quail like that in my garden! I know we have Bobwhite Quail nearby, I can hear their clear "Bob-WHITE!" calls but they are nowhere near as adorable as Beth's pair.

I know, I promised a finish...but I'm not done yet. I do have all the stitching complete, it just needs putting together. Besides, I'm behind in my blog-reading. Sheesh, you guys are slave drivers!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Beautiful Sampler

My stitching, work and life-in-general is going great. My blogging/blog-reading has gone agley. I need balance. I need more time. Someone send me a few spare hours? It's actually my own fault...I seriously should pare down my reading list. There once was a time I could read through my blog list in less than an hour...it's an all-spare-time event now. But how can I stop reading anyone's posts? I might miss something! What a kerfuffle.

I must share this beautiful stitching I won from Heather of Cross-Stitching Mom. Isn't it gorgeous? The over-one alphabet has me enthralled. Of course, I love alphabets so this has nothing to do with Heather's absolutely perfect stitches, right? Thank you so much, Heather. I love the sampler and it's already on display in my guest room.

In between reading blogs, I had fun creating a little game for you = a Needlework word search. Once you open the page you will need to click Options and change the layout to 20X20 or 25X25 to load all the words. Have fun!

Some places to visit: Angela of Hooked On Stitches has created a new Traveling Pattern and I know you don't want to miss a chance of getting it sent to you. You will want to enter Edgar's blogoversary giveaway for four great years of Blacksheep's bit of the Web. Edgar's prizes are always so very special. And since so many of you like Halloween, you must see what Alex is doing over at just alex...he's already building props for his Halloween display! Freakin' scary awesome ~ I can't wait to see his finish.

For those of you in my Totally Useless Stitch A Long, don't forget the next New Moon is on Tuesday, May 3rd! I should have a good showing and maybe even a finish to share.

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