Daffy's Stitchy Friends

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February's Missing In Action ORT Report

I totally missed February, didn't I? Not only by not posting on time for the New Moon on the 10th but by having no ORTs to show:

Yup. That is one empty ORT jar. No stitches in weeks. Stress level = HIGH. Must settle and stitch soon or things will begin to implode!

Why did I miss the New Moon and posting your TUSAL photo? It really isn't Molly's fault. She's doing really well the past few weeks. Mostly. More about that later in this post. Her ears go up and they go down. Half up ~ isn't that silly? House training is okay...she isn't as "easy-peasy" as Sheba was as a puppy. More headstrong, more aggressive and much more independent!

We buy Molly lots of fun, expensive dog toys...but I think her favorite toy is this empty plastic coffee can. She will scoot it all over the house, growling and terrorizing it to no end. I try not to laugh when she gets it stuck on her head (on purpose) and runs into furniture (not on purpose.)

I was NOT PLEASED to come into the kitchen one day (after leaving her unattended for a few minutes) to find Molly stripping wallpaper off the wall. And us in the middle of refinancing the home loan for a much lower rate! Sigh. One more thing we had to fix! Dash worked miracles and you can hardly see the repair. 

In fact, THAT is really the reason for missing TUSAL this month. We have been cleaning, fixing, de-cluttering, painting and generally working our tails off on the house. Nearly every room has been freshly painted and things we have been ignoring/putting up with are being dealt with. It's been a lot of hard work and I've still got quite a to-do list but boy-oh-boy - it's like we have a brand new house! I think we have thrown out two truck-loads of junk. I'm really enjoying the progress we have made but not the falling-into-bed-exhausted-every-night part! Last weekend, Dash carted everything out of the basement, painted it and installed new flooring. I'm supposed to be sorting through all the stuff to decide what goes and what stays. But I took a break to catch up with my blog buddies ~ I miss you guys!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!