Daffy's Stitchy Friends

Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

I'd forgotten about receiving these bookmarks for Christmas from Barb. Aren't they luscious? I had them lost on my stitching area which was simply trashed from holiday stitching! I knew there was confetti in the envelope too, ended up with a lap full of sparkly hearts anyway...giggle!
The other day it snowed just enough for love notes from Rick...I found these when I left to work!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Christmas Surprise!

Here is what I found in my mailbox yesterday from my friend MHP in France! I love this sweet snowman wall hanging...wasn't that a great surprise?
In other news...I survived a DAY OF HELL at work on Friday. Three people (or was it four?) didn't show up for one reason or another and it was CRAZY busy. Everyone seems to panic when bad weather is coming and flocks to the grocery. We were only forecasted an inch or two of snow...how long can one get housebound with that? Calm down people. This is Oklahoma; we won't run out of food and you won't get stuck at home for weeks on end, I promise!!! SIGH.

However, those that did show up did a fantastic job for me and I thank them. A LOT!

Finally, it is snowing. It's just starting to cover the grass and look pretty. I'd rather a foot of snow than the bit of ice we had last week! So many in Oklahoman are still without power; it's been nearly a week! Thankfully, our electricity only went off for a few hours one night...many were not so lucky. Me? I'm counting my blessings.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December already?

How can it be December? I've been in a fog since Thanksgiving I guess! I'd had a dreadful cold and lost some time there...add working and keeping house and I think I've lost track of myself!

Here is a picture of the counting sheep. I got it out last night to work on a bit. I've been stitching Christmas cards but can't show any pictures as they haven't been received yet. These sheep are adorable...I'm stitching them on 32 count blue evenweave with Gentle Arts overdyed threads. I am tweeding the overdyes so I get very subtle shading and variation in color...

Here are a few very special cards I have received...from Joan and from Rachael, both in the UK...
This one is from Barb in OZ...
And this one is my EMS exchange from Annemiek in Holland...