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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

I swear, pets are as worrisome as small children.

So...I get home from work today after stopping for some groceries. A serious cold front is coming in tomorrow with a chance of wet weather so I sure won't want to go then. I let Molly out to pee and put the groceries away. Then I have go out to scold her for watching-herding-chasing cars along the fence instead of peeing. So she dashes over to run the fence with the neighbor dogs. She's been 9 hours without a bathroom break. I go over, tap her on top of the head as she runs by and tell her, "Go pee!" She does so we head back into the house.

"Hey! What is this all over your front legs?


Stop, Molly! Hold still!"

I grab a gauze pad and some bandage out of the cabinet and wrap up her front paw. I can tell she is bleeding from near her dew claw but there is so much blood I can't tell how bad it is. Off we go to the vet, which is just a minute down the street from our house. Our vet is so nice! I walked in and after the receptionist took our names to pull up Molly's records she took her right in. No call, no appointment. Not ten minutes later they brought her back out...bandaged up with a supply of pain  medicine and antibiotics. There wasn't a ridiculous "emergency visit" bill either. 

Somehow Molly broke off a claw in the five minutes she was outside alone. Sigh. Some day she will be an old, lazy dog!

Uhhh...I'm a Border Collie. Were you expecting easy? 

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Tree Reindeer

I cannot believe it's THAT time of year already! How can it be mid-November already? Wasn't it just Valentine's Day? This year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

Many thanks to Mary T. for the inspiration of this design. I hope everyone enjoys our little deer topping the tree with a star this year!

To receive a copy of the design email me at daffy-cat AT hotmail DOT com. Tell me the name of the design you are requesting. This one is "Tree Reindeer." Don't freak out if a couple of days pass before I respond. I work full time and don't always have time to play on the computer. If you don't receive an email from me within a few days, check your spam folder ~ it's probably there.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

When All Else Fails...Show Some Boobies

For lack of a better title. Or photo. Just try Googling "boobies" to find a photo. Or maybe not!

Every October I tell myself I need to get a mammogram done. I'm 45 and I should have had four of them by now but for some reason I keep putting it off. Fail. Busy with this and that. Forget to call for an appointment, only thinking of it when it's late in the evening. Excuses. Excuses!

When Cathey's breast cancer returned I thought about it more often. Busy, busy, forget, forget. More fail. Then Cathey died. I promised myself I would get my mammogram done. I stopped being busy and I stopped forgetting to call and make an appointment. I owed it to Cathey and to myself.

Yesterday I went and showed my boobies to a stranger who mashed them flat and took photos. But she was a nice stranger! It was nothing like everyone said. It wasn't painful or even uncomfortable. That said, I have an extreme pain tolerance but it didn't hurt at all. (I still feel pain but it takes rather a lot to bother me.) Plus, it took all of 20 minutes and that included filling out all the forms.

They called today with my results...and everything looks great. Which is awesome but I've already got a reminder set on my phone to make my appointment for next year.

You! Are you over 40? Have you had your mammogram? Tell us!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

November ORT Report

Last month was so depressing I have no words to express. Losing Cathey was heartbreaking. I want to thank those of you that participated in my Pumpkins for Cathey event. I am sure all the blog posts gave our dear Pumpkin a bit of cheer.

My ORT jar greatly suffered my lack of stitching mojo. How sad:

Let's see your ORTs! TUSALers leave a comment on this post with the address to your November update. If I decide to host a giveaway at the end of the year you will receive an extra entry! Are you wondering what on Earth a TUSAL is? Click here for info!

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