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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Snows

Oklahoma had another winter storm move in on Thursday. We had about a half-inch of ice, followed by lots of sleet and snow. In fact, it snowed all day yesterday! The ice was brief enough here that it didn't bring down our power lines. But it still seems just wrong to be thankful for sleet!

Sheba had fun in the falling snow yesterday. This would be a fantastic picture if it wasn't for the trashy toys left out in the neighbors yard. Put the stuff away when it isn't play-outside-weather!

The ice covered our Magnolia tree. When it started to melt a little we were able to slide leaf-shaped ice impressions off. I stood them up in the snow in the bird bath so you could see. Isn't Mother Nature the best artist ever?

Just in the nick of time I finished up my Snapper Year January Snows. It was a close call! I haven't put the snaps on for the snow fellow's buttons. Actually, does anyone else think Bent Creek's use of snaps is kinda strange? Is it just me? Am I missing something? I'm thinking I might find some teeny tiny buttons to use instead of the weird snaps. I know it's called a Snapper...but I just don't get it! Opinions, please!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Late Mail Day

See? Yesterday I forgot the mail until 8pm and look what appeared! I am positive if I'd ran to pick it up at 4, right after it arrived, there would have been nothing but the credit card statement. I was positively giddy as I went back to the house with two puffy envelopes!

These are the last two of the Ornament Swaps I was waiting for. First up is a beautiful sewing tree from Lisa. Isn't this awesome? It's stitched on light lavender fabric and it's so sparkly! The neat shape is really cool too. Thank you Lisa, I love it!

The next package contained the sweetest kitty-cat pinkeep from Conny. The front side, with the hand-made card:

Then the back side. I just love the cute little touches, like the jinglebell and the star shaped pins. And look! My initials! I am not sure you can tell but it is stitched on a very pale green linen. So pretty! Conny, it is wonderful, thank you!

This has been a really fun exchange. Now, I must stitch an ornament for each of these sweet ladies in return. It is a lot of fun picking out that perfect design for each person. Hummm, maybe I'll go look through my Christmas patterns again...

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm never checking my mail again

...until late, late in the day! It seems every time I check my mail right after it arrives there is nothing but bills. If I wait or forget until late there is a surprise for me! Look what came yesterday. This is my Valentine exchange from Michelle of The Shabby Stitcher.

Michelle stitched me the most beautiful scissor keep, a design by ATALIE. This is finished so perfectly...I wish you could see. Delicate colors and stitches. I am spoiled.

The little red scissors fit into a little pocket on the back of the heart. Divine stitching. Thank you so much Michelle!

If you are interested in exchanging with us go to the Holiday Exchanges blog for more information.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sisterhood, among other things

Yesterday, my blog friend, Oklahoma Granny, posted a promising recipe called Pizza Casserole. I love easy dinners after working all day so I came home from work today with the stuff I needed to create it. Oh yum! It was good!

I changed a couple things...the recipe calls for three cups dry noodles but I went ahead and used the whole bag. I hate measuring! I also LOVE cheese so I doubled the cheese it called for!

Rick was packing the leftovers for work before we were even finished eating! Thanks for a lovely dinner, Granny!

The Sisterhood is ready to travel! Carol has finished her lovely lady and is ready to send her to the next lucky sister. Will it be you? Visit this post on Carol's blog to sign up and hurry she's ready to draw tomorrow! I was the 17th sister to stitch this design and it was such an honor, although...it was a little scary holding that pattern in my own hands for the first time and reading the little notes left by each sister. Emotionally overwhelming!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Totally Useless

OMG! What with one thing or another I completely forgot to post my Totally Useless SAL update that was due like a week ago! No, no! Not the wet noodle!!! When I saw Yoyo had updated the members list for 2010 I remembered. Gasp! So here is a quick snap. As you see, I'm continuing my old ORT jar and stuffing the new bits on top. It's a good thing this is a big jar, I'm planning on lots of ORTs this year!

The next New Moon is February 14 and I promise not to be late! If you would like to join us in this Totally Useless Endeavor go to Yoyo's blog and sign up!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not myself

I was laid low on Thursday with a stomach virus which resulted in a trip to the emergency room that evening when the cramps became unbearable. The vomiting gave me black eyes and a large red spot in the white of my right eye. A couple of days of anti-nausea and pain medicine and now I'm about as energetic as an overcooked noodle. At least I'm not throwing up or cramping! Although I'm feeling better, I am left with terrible gas and my horrendous farts are about to chase Rick out of the house! Hold your nose, please!

These beauties all arrived over the past few days. Little bright spots in the midst of my misery. I'm involved in a private ornament exchange with a few friends and January is my month to receive...

From Lisa V came this sweet freebie by Erynne stitched up as a little pillow ornament. Look at those cute little Christmas "lights" in the corners! Thank you, Lisa...I love it!

Then from Angela came this sweet Lizzy*Kate kitty. I love his argyle sweater and the plaid hanger! Thank you, Angela!

As if I hadn't already been spoiled, I then received this little Prairie Schooler darling from Lori. I wish you could see all the pretty sparkle in the snowman. The little birds and the green scarf are right up my alley, Lori! Thanks!

OK, I hope I didn't gas anyone to death...

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I had a virus

Not like H1N1 or even the common cold...a computer virus! How did that happen? It trashed stuff on my computer so I decided to wipe it sterile and start over. A good thing Jessie's boyfriend is a computer whiz...Matt helped me save all my stuff and get me going again. Indeed, the kid wasted half the last day of his holiday vacation working on my computer! So, I am finally back. The re-install saved all my feeds but marked all 600 blogs in my reader as unread! OMG, I have 600 blogs??? How did that happen? Well, nothing for it...there was no way I could check all 600 feeds. I will probably use my Google Reader more now though rather than depend on IE's feed display! I know I have missed important posts, lots of great stitching, new starts, exciting rants and lovely freebies. If you feel I may have missed something really important, please let me know!

Having no Internet distractions over the weekend, I was able to finish the stitching on my Valentine's exchange piece. I will try to get it finish-finished soon as it is due to be mailed by the end of January. Speaking of January, I was also able to get a start on my Bent Creek Snapper Year! The fabric I decided on is Silkweaver's Sand...that was the overwhelming choice in the poll as well. I'm stitching this using DMC, all in one long row ~ the fabric is 52 inches wide! Great progress for one morning's worth of stitching!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something to blog about

It's been kind of a dry blogging spell for me. I'm stitching for an exchange, boring to blog about if you can't show pictures. Haven't started my year-long monthly stitch...because I've been exchange stitching. I suppose I could show you the fabric and threads but it's really tame, more boring! I was so pleased to find this RAK package in my mailbox from Blyn. A while back, Blyn stitched my reindeer, sent me a photo and asked me for my mailing address. Seems she was sorting stash and found something begging to be sent to me...

What could it be? It's wrapped so pretty!

Oooo, a UK magazine with the CUTEST Christmas kitten and some darling kitty buttons AND some spiced chai tea packets. Thank you so much, Blyn! This really brightened up a boring, dreary week!

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