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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another July ORT Report

Even though there were two New Moons in July I was able to create a massive pile of ORTs in my jar. It didn't even matter that I've been doing quite a bit of over-one stitching, which usually results in spindly ORTs. Just look at all these thread ends! I am thinking the unbearably hot weather has a lot to do with more stitching time. It's nice to sit and stitch inside with air conditioning!

My ORT jar is pictured here with a little project I started on a short road trip to Kansas City. You know how much I like Autumn/Halloween designs. I cannot resist crows and pumpkins! It's not finished but it is close. I'm still trying to decide if I want to stitch a little border around the design. Your thoughts?

Next up, we have had some Totally Useless Stitch A Long donations for the giveaway!

Bronny, of Bronny's Bits, sent us a sweet little scissor fob, two quilted coasters and a few skeins of DMC. Notice that woolly bit to strap the sheepie to your scissors? Cute! Thanks Bronny!

Then Maria, of Between The Stitches, sent a Lizzie*Kate Snippet and some nice fabric to stitch it on. I hope nobody minds if I end up stitching this design real quick before it goes on to the winner, if I can squeeze it in? I promise to use my own fabric! LOL Thank you, Queenie!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surprising Someone Soon

Presenting the rest of my drunken Sunday finishing orgy fun. Here is a little ornament I've stitched just because. Cutest kitty cat ever! I adore Bent Creek. I stuffed with poly-fil so it wouldn't weigh too much.

Design ~ Flair "Smile"
Designer ~ Bent Creek
Fabric ~ 28 count Daffycat-dyed purple scrap*
Fiber ~ DMC 

*Scrap meaning, "I'm too lazy to try and figure out what the heck I stitched this on!"

Best of all, this little cutie is going to be sent to someone that reads this blog! I will be mailing this out as soon as I can ~ so be watching that mailbox ~ it might be you!
This RAK went to Parsley of Seasons Of My Mind!

You all seemed to like my ladybug scissors, and I had many questions about them. They came as a set pictured here. The scissors, very handy tweezers and the little plastic ladybug is a thread cutter you can attach with self-adhesive pad. I've done a little searching and The Nordic Needle looks to have a good price.

TUSAL'ers don't forget the 2nd July New Moon is this Saturday, the 30th! Speaking of the TUSAL, I have a few donations to post about. I haven't forgotten. Maybe this Saturday!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July

As promised in my last post, some of my finishing results. Lisa, of Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby, has let me know she has received my offering for our Ornament Swap. I stitched this little cutie one over one!

Design ~ The Holly Berry Sampler
Designer ~ Bent Creek
Fabric ~ 28 count tea-dyed Monaco
Fiber ~ DMC 

I was caught out right after I kitted this one up. I thought I had until the end of August! No, I'd only just started stitching when I realized it was due the end of July. *mild panic* Starting a one over one project with less than a month to finish was quite scary for me, the Queen of Slow Stitching. Thank goodness, I made it.  

I just love finishing edges with ribbon and beads. The wine I guzzled that day really helped me loosen up and be random with the spacing. I'm prescribing wine every time from now on! This edging is super easy, just tack the ribbon in place with a bead. Curl and loop and go crazy with it. The ribbon hides the seam and the bead hides the tacking stitch. Don't be even and precise ~ you want it to look wild!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I made a mess on Sunday! I had two small ornaments to finish. This involved pulling out the bins of fabric, trim, stuffing and interfacing.

I took over the kitchen table with sewing stuff. 

I took over the counter top with the ironing stuff. I like to iron craft things on my washable white craft towels instead of the ironing board.

It was glorious mayhem! I was having so much fun I opened a bottle of sweet red wine, poured it in a pitcher, added a can of tropical fruit and some ginger ale. This is tasty over ice in a fancy wineglass.

In fact, it was so tasty I drank the whole pitcher all by myself! Whoops! No, the ornaments came out just fine. All that alcohol only helped me loosen up my creativity! The ornaments are being mailed to their new owners so I will show them to you very soon.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Happy 4th ~ Ort Report

I am a little late with my TUSAL this time around. Rick & I have been on a mini-holiday from home and work. It was so nice to get away even if only for very a short time. We saw a movie (Transformers) at Warren Theatre in Moore, Oklahoma. It was lovely ~ we had the balcony seats where waiters come to your seats to serve food and drinks. Nice! In addition to beer & popcorn, I had a "yoda" which was slightly green and tasted like liquid Jolly Ranchers & vodka ~ LOL! We spent the night in Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Our room had a big whirlpool tub and a wonderful view of the baseball park. Dinner was at Crabtown, across the street from our hotel. Their catfish was heavenly. I even got to do a little stitching and stashing. Here is my ORT jar with my pretty new ladybug scissors: 

As you can see from the ORT Report photo, I didn't have much left to stitch on my WIP. I finished it up when we got home and sewed it into a cute pillow, just in time for the 4th of July holiday. The alphabet was charted with random letters in the darker brown. I changed them around to my initials, SDB. I was able to find the perfect fabric in my stash ~ always a plus!

Design ~ Happy Flag Flag Day
Designer ~ The Trilogy
Fabric ~ 32 count tea dyed Jobelan scrap
Fiber ~ DMC

Today I am kitting up for the next exchange in the Ornament Swap. This is going to be a really fun design to stitch. Will stitching Christmas stuff will make me feel cooler? I hope so. It's still sweltering hot. Blech.

TUSALer's don't forget ~ July has two New Moons! The next one is Saturday, July 30th.

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