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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Squawk or Nancy was right

Nancy (no blog) commented on my last post, predicting my yellow-legged hen was being chased by four calling birds. Too true, they were fast on her heels! Here is Four Calling Birds, stitched in one day!

Rather, a "squawking" bird. I'm not real sure about using a parrot as a Christmassy bird but it's stitched! I used to work in a pet shop and advice I gave about birds was simple, "All birds are noisy. All birds are messy. It's just a matter of volume and quantity." I'm not fond of parrots. Although they are beautiful creatures they require a lot of attention and patience. I do like small birds, like finches, and find their soft, "Bee bee bee!" calls soothing background noise. Quite different from the ear-splitting shrieks of annoyed or bored parrots!

Jessie is in the city this week for a job interview so I am pet-sitting her Betta, Mage, while she is away. I must say, Jess has the most uncooperative pet to take photos of. I tempted him to the top with his pellets but when I tried to adjust the light so I could get a photo without glare, he hid under the plant. Maybe he's just pouty because his person is away?

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Miss Yellow Legs

I am not sure what this little lady's real story is but I think she has stolen a bit of Christmas garland and is being chased by two unseen hens. She probably has a pretty accent too. What do you think is happening in this block?

My Prairie Schooler ornaments are zooming right along. These are such a joy to stitch. I adore the colors and the theme and I really like the Lugana I dyed. How perfect could one 12-part project be? Mind, I will regret not finish-finishing them as I go but I still haven't gone shopping for supplies! It will be an ornament finishing orgy once I have them, won't it?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October ORT Report

Man, I loooove me some Halloween fabrics. I thought this one was cute to back my ORT jar for October even though so many of the threads are Christmas colored! Can you believe how many ORTs I've created lately? I think my making a point to stitch during the week has helped. I know my mood has sure improved. Stitching at the library once a week has spilled over into stitching at other times, and that's a plus. Of course, this means I am dreadfully behind on my blog reading. As always. 

Look at all the goodies Tracey of More than just Cross Stitchin' sent me for the Totally Useless giveaway! There is a lovely Santa Claus ornament, pretty threads, bright red fabric, two crocheted dish cloths, some Thread Heaven (you will love that stuff) and some awesome charts. Thank you so much, Tracey! I am getting excited for the year to be over so I can draw a winner for all this awesome stash!

If you would like to join in on the Totally Useless Stitch A Long, feel free! Just grab a jar, save your thread ends (ORTs) and snap a picture on the New Moon and post it to your blog! A no pressure, no cost stitch-a-long, it's easy and fun.

Just so you know ~ I will be creating a new sign-up post for the 2012 TUSAL soon. Until then, feel free to start now. I love seeing how creative some of you are with those ORT jar photos!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Down...

...ten to go. I finished Two Turtle Doves over the weekend.

I still haven't gotten to the fabric store to get the backing fabric. I have some that will work but not enough for all 12 ornaments and I want them all finished the same. It can wait, I'm in no hurry anyway. I still have ten more to stitch, after all!

I am really excited though. I often go to the city to shop at Jo Ann's for fabric. The only stores in Stillwater for fabrics are Walmart, Hobby Lobby and a couple of very small quilting stores. I won't have to drive to shop at Jo Ann's much longer ~ one is coming here and it's going to be in the very same shopping center I work in. I can walk right over after picking up my paycheck!!! If I remember correctly it will open early next year. I can't wait.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogoversary Giveaway

November 1st is my 4th Blogoversary! To celebrate this milestone with my readers I have stitched up a pretty Christmas ornament to give away. If I get enough people interested I will add another prize of some Daffycat-Dyed fabric for a second giveaway winner. Sound good?

Design ~ Fill With Love
Designer ~ Designs by Cathy Jean (of Victoria Sampler)
Fabric ~ 32 count tea-dyed Jobelan
Fiber ~ DMC

This was really quick to stitch and very fun. Except, I'm not entirely sure I actually have those pine branches exactly in position! Talk about fiddly ~ those are a booger to place! Oh, but I loved creating this for you.

1. For a chance to win this little treasure (or maybe some Daffycat-Dyed fabric) leave a comment on this post.

2. You must be a follower, old or new.

3. To make this a little more interesting I'm going to count all your comments on any of my posts in October as additional chances! You must still comment on this post to let me know you want to enter. And no, of course I don't mind if you run back and comment now on my previous October posts! And when I make a new post, don't forget to comment to get another entry!

A post on your blog telling others about my giveaway is kind but not required.

I will close this giveaway on my Blogoversay, November 1st.

This giveaway is now closed and
the winner will be announced shortly!

Good luck!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deck The Halls

One of my recent exchanges arrived in Australia. This sweet design was stitched for Lisa of Lisa V's Lounge. I adore cute houses with curly chimney smoke! And tall skinny pine trees are almost too much fun to stitch.

Design ~ Tiny Tidings IX "Deck the Halls"
Designer ~ Lizzie*Kate
Fabric ~ 32 count tea-dyed Belfast Linen
Fiber ~ DMC

I finished this one very simply since it is such a simple design; backed with tan & red gingham fabric with a matching ribbon hanger attached with creamy white buttons. Lizzie*Kate designs are such fun to stitch and nice colors to use! I hope Lisa likes it. Lisa has posted a photo of all the ornaments she received in this exchange ~ click here.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Solo Stitch Club

It's been a good, if exhausting, week for me. Today, the president of the company I work for visited my store. He told me the store looked fantastic and thanked me for doing such a good job. Score! It's so nice to know your hard work is noticed.

I rewarded myself by going home an hour early and going to Solo Stitch Club at the library. Thanks, Jenny, for naming my stitch "meetings!" I got quite a lot accomplished today. Tempted even, to stay longer but Dash had beef stew cooking...

Shari wanted to know how I was planning on finishing these Prairie Schooler ornaments. I've pretty much decided to sew them into pillow ornaments, lightly stuffed, with silk ribbon and bead edging. I will just need to decide on backing fabric; I'm thinking a tan and red gingham check and a red silk ribbon with white or tan beads. Things may change but for now that's the plan.

Kaye asked how I keep up with my blog list. Simple ~ I don't! I'm always behind. I do end up reading most everything, sometimes skimming for treasures and seldom leaving comments. Yet, other days I go down the list chatty as ever! I remember the days I could get through my entire list in an hour. It's more like three or four weeks now =O

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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Beaver's Gift

Meet my friend Brodie. Brodie is a long-time customer in my store. He is a Native American of the Hualapai tribe. He has been telling me for ages of the beaded walking stick he's been working on and I have been pestering him to bring it in so I can see it. Here awhile back he finished it and today he finally remembered to bring it in!

The beading is lovely. No pattern is followed, all of this is just comes to him as he works. 

Forgive these crappy photos. All I had was my cell phone to take the pictures with. Hey, I was at work!

This design took Brodie eleven months to finish. The beading is done on top of a soft, thin, tanned deer hide. It follows the bumps and swells of the stick. Tiny, tiny glass beads. They really sparkle in the sunlight!

The stick itself was brought to Brodie's house by a beaver. That's right, it was a gift from an honest-to-goodness beaver. You can even see the tooth-marks left in the wood as Mr. Beaver cleaned all the bark off. I think Brodie made a treasure out of the Beaver's gift! 

Brodie has promised to bring in more of his work to share with me. I can't wait to see it.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trying Something New

I finished the first of my Prairie Schooler Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments on Sunday. Number 1, Partridge, turned out just lovely. I'm very happy with the colors I've substituted and I even got a little start on the next one!

Just a little start, mind you! I've been feeling a little grouchy during my work weeks. Lately, with work, housekeeping and All That Jazz I've only been getting serious stitching time in on Sunday afternoon. That is not enough to keep me sane. Nor will it ever be sufficient to make a dent in the crapload of stash I want to stitch! I'm sure it would help matters if, when I got off work, I stayed off the Internet but your blogs keep getting updated so I must be nosy and go see! And eBay, Amazon, Netflix and OMG Google! You know how it is, next thing you know it's past bedtime?

The other night as I lay dozing before sleep I thought how it might be possible for me to make appointments with my stitching. Much like going to club meetings and such? Hmmm, how could I make this work? I'm such a terrible homebody. I like nothing better than staying in and doing nothing. Except maybe stash shopping! I decided I'd give it a try and my first appointment with my stitching was today at the public library! After work, I packed up my stitching and my ipod. I found a table at the library and stitched for a wonderful hour and a half. No phone calls, no laundry, no blogging, no computer.

Oh, and it was The Beatles on the ipod today.

See how much I got done? It was very peaceful and the tables and chairs were comfy to stitch at. I think I should have grabbed a little snack because near the end of the "meeting" my stomach started growling very loudly! I'm sure the people sitting next to me thought I was starving. I don't know how long I can keep it going but so far, this is a positive. Every one needs a little "me" time.

How do you get yours?

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet My Mummy

There was an mysterious fat package in my mailbox last week. It was very heavy. What could it be? I was a little grim thinking maybe this was a donation for the Totally Useless giveaway, oh dear! Surely nobody sent me a two-pound pincushion? That package is going to be heavy enough as it is!

Imagine my glee when I opened it and discovered this darling *squee* mummy inside. Last year, I had admired Tanya's Halloween decor and truly coveted the mummy she had made. Tanya knew I loved her so much she sent her to me! Mine! My own mummy! Sweet Miss Mummy is residing spookily on my bookshelf for the holiday season. I love her to pieces. Thank you Tanya!

I also received another package last week, this one expected. Every now and again I see something from the UK I just have to have and I'll call on my good friend Lindsay to get it for me. Then, in return, I'll do a favor when asked. Of course, every now and again one of us will open our mailbox to find the other has filled it with something unexpected and awesome. (wait, on second thought, Lindsay probably has a door slot for mail deliveries *giggle*) Anyway, I saw this Margaret Sherry magazine on Bec's blog. Ooo, Margaret Sherry! I could not resist, so an email to Lindsay was in order. Thank you Lindsay! You too, Bec, you shameless enabler you!

According to Sharon, I've been teasing you with hints about my new project. Okay, I'll stop now! I finished kitting up and started stitching yesterday. I'm going to stitch Prairie Schooler's Twelve Day's of Christmas. Each square as an individual ornament. I've been looking for that perfect "12 Days" chart and have even bought several but they were either too big (I don't want 5x7 inch ornaments) or charted as a group only. I was so pleased to find this design.

One of you "out there" is stitching this too but I'm sorry, I can't remember who you are. If you've been blogging this design recently it was probably you, speak up! You were my inspiration ~ thank you!

So, I snagged one Prairie Schooler chart off eBay. I've pulled my colors. Some I didn't like (copper red? For Christmas? Ewww!) and some did not match the model close enough and those were swapped out. I measured out enough 32 count Lugana, tea-stained it and cut it into 12 ornament sized pieces.

And here is my start! Wow, this is a really fast stitch. I started last night and only had a short time for stitching. It would be nice to have these all done in time for the Christmas tree this year but I know it won't happen. I'm not a fast stitcher or finisher. Plus, I work full time. I thought about making this my 2012 project and stitch & finish one ornament each month, very doable for me. But I couldn't wait to start. I just about went insane the weeks I waited to start Crabby All Year, that time. I'm not set up for waiting, I guess. I want it NOW!

I still need to find fabric for the backing. I figured I'd wait and get a couple of them stitched so I could color match. Darn, I have to go to Joann's Fabric store. What a shame. I can't wait! I hate waiting!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Gahhh! It is so difficult to get this fabric to photograph the correct color! This was the best of the bunch and it's crooked. It will have to do. A fun little finish for Halloween. I played with the colors a lot on this design a change here and a change there. I changed the blocks of four stitches under the word "Spooky" into large Smyrna crosses. I also added a stitch to the border to make it even up ~ which I'm wishing I had done to the last Boo Club I stitched. It just bothered me sooo much! Who knew I could be that OCD?

Design ~ Boo Club "Spooky"
Designer ~ Lizzie*Kate
Fabric ~ 32 count Daffycat Dyed Jobelan
Fiber ~ DMC

I've just finished my last Ornament Swap stitching. I'll do the finishing on the weekend and it will be ready to go. One other is in the mail as we speak and will be shared as soon as it is received. This has been a fun exchange and I will miss it very much ~ but everyone else is ready to end so there she goes. I'll have to arrange some private swaps soon or I will have Exchange Withdrawal symptoms.

I came across some very helpful instructions today. Do you take nasty pills? I really hate when I'm congested and I have to take those disgusting mucus reliever pills, you know? Gag! Not that I like fruit roll-ups much better (who likes plasticy fruit?) but I will certainly keep this in mind as I'd rather swallow fruity tasting plastic than guaifenesin tablets! 

I'm planning a fun project. In the kitting up stage ~ so stay tuned ~ more to come later!

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