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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sneak Peek

I've been working on a new project! It is a cutie...but I only have the border finished so this is a fairly boring snap to show you:

This is The Trilogy's Sneak Peek "Halloween" with the border modified to make just one of the scenes. You can see the entire project on this page, about half way down. Any guesses which block I'm going to stitch?


Lead Foot or stuff you really wanted to know about me:
90% of the time I am driving I will have the cruise control on. This is because I have a lead foot and if I'm not very careful I will find myself speeding. 

I discovered this problem as the cheerful holder of a learner's permit at 16. I remember driving on the highway with my father (a completely unflappable man) who peered at my speedometer and said mildly,"Going a hair fast there, Sharon." 

The speed limit was 55 MPH. I was going like 90.

You'd think someone with no sense of how fast she is traveling in a car would have a file full of speeding tickets, right? Nope, not a single one! I've only ever been pulled over once, and that WAS for speeding but the officer just gave me a warning.

I'm careful. I know my flaws.

However, I DID get a ticket the time I hit a boat. With my car. At a stop light.

Thank you for visiting my blog today!