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Friday, May 10, 2013

May ORT Report

Woo...it's the New Moon and I didn't miss posting this update for the Totally Useless Stitch A Long! And I actually have a few ORTs in the jar this month ~ how long has it been, anyway? Also shown here is a little peek at my new WIP. I can't tell you how tickled I am at creating ORTs!

In the last month, little Miss Molly got old enough to be spayed. While at the vet she was also micro-chipped and had her rear dewclaws removed. She wasn't a happy camper but she got cute purple leopard print socks to wear...until she ate one the next morning. We never did find it! Maybe they were biodegradable?  I will spare you gruesome images of the incisions on her ankles but will say they were much more than we expected. I think they were worse than her tummy by far. However, this is better than catching a floppy claw on a couch cushion and ripping it off. 

Molly decided she HAD to lick her incisions, no matter what. The vet gave her this pretty blue bib to wear. If she worked at it she could still reach her feet but it mostly kept her from serious licking. This fabric E collar was very nice compared to the rigid plastic one we threatened her with. And if I flipped this one up Molly looked like a Big Blue Border Collie Daisy. She enjoyed all the giggles...and the dog-party brown rice, ground beef and yoghurt she got to eat after anesthesia. That was the best part.

Molly turned 6 months old today!
Happy half-birthday Mollywog!

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