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Friday, February 20, 2015

Molly Approved

Long time readers might remember me posting a year or so ago about sewing a dog toy for Molly that she ruined in 6 minutes. Last weekend I found the fleece I had bought to make dog toys with and decided to try again. I sandwiched fleece, quilt batting and cracker sleeve plastic and sewed crinkle Frisbee discs to make easy-to-throw toys. They were an instant hit. She loved them! Molly will play fetch until your arm falls off. The day after I sewed the toys I couldn't figure out why my arm was so sore. When I realized why I could only giggle.

Yes, my bed is covered with a sheet. Dog hair. Muddy footprints. 

She hasn't torn them up yet!

They crinkle as she bites and shakes them!

Yup, Molly approved dog toys. Go Mom!

I sewed a few extra for gifts and I have plenty of fleece to make a lot more...in between stitching and quilting projects.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Totally Useless Time

This past month flew by in a frenzy of sewing, which Totally Uselessly filled my quilting ORT jar! It's the New Moon! Show off those ORTs!

My last post showed you Jessie's quilt...the minute I finished that one I had to get busy making one for my mother to have it in time for her birthday, which was on Monday. I gave it to her on the weekend and she was tickled...pink. 

Speaking of pink - you would not believe how difficult it was for me to choose fabrics for this quilt! Mom's favorite color is pink...my least favorite. I don't mind pink toenails, lipstick or a scarf but it would be the last color I'd pick to go in my house. Mom's house is pink, how does my dad stand it? I think I dithered in the fabric store for an hour and a half thinking how hideous any of the pinks would be...finally I spotted this floral. Done deal. It turned out lovely.

I will say again, I rock binding. Even when it's pink.


We want to see your ORTs! Leave a comment on this post with a link to your February TUSAL post so we can come visit! If I hold a Totally Useless giveaway your comment will earn you an extra entry.

Wondering what a TUSAL is and why all these people are posting pictures of rubbish? Click here to learn more and join the fun!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Birthday Quilt

My daughter had her 27th birthday on January 16th. We went to visit, had a lovely dinner and I took her to the fabric store so she could choose fabrics she liked for a birthday quilt.

She wanted a watery green-blue theme. Her favorite colors.

The very next day I started cutting squares. I did not tell her I was making a rag quilt, one that would be finished in a jiffy! Once I had all my pieces cut, 81 batting-sandwiched squares, I started sewing.

I laid them all out in the pattern we designed together. Then, I turned all the blue "wave" squares going the same direction! I didn't even really notice they were "directional" until I looked at the photo!

Pinning all my rows together. The silver bowl is my pincushion, a magnetic car-parts bowl stolen from Dash's garage. He says he wants it back. Over. My. Dead. Body.

One thing I don't like about most rag quilts is a lack of binding. Binding makes them look so "finished" so I added binding. Besides, I think binding is my favorite part of quilting! I then started snipping the seam allowances. Lots of snipping. I had to wear band-aids to keep from blistering.

On February 1st, I had a finished quilt! 2 weeks! I tossed it right into the washer and dryer. Good night, it's turned sideways in the photos. Hard to tell the top on a square quilt!

Photographed sideways or not, it turned out lovely!

The binding just went on smashingly. I love binding!

The quilt ended up to be 78 by 78 inches square. A nice snuggle-on-the-sofa size. Happy birthday, Jessica!

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