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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

I'd forgotten about receiving these bookmarks for Christmas from Barb. Aren't they luscious? I had them lost on my stitching area which was simply trashed from holiday stitching! I knew there was confetti in the envelope too, ended up with a lap full of sparkly hearts anyway...giggle!
The other day it snowed just enough for love notes from Rick...I found these when I left to work!


crazybeads said...

Sharon I'm so pleased you like the bookmarks.
Do hope you can sit a bit to use them and think of your Aussie floss kid he he.Glad you enjoyed the messy surprise too.
What a romantis Rick is...a real keeper.
Oh that wonderful snow...love it.41 c again today here....I hate it.


Stitchabilities said...

Those bookmarks are so pretty!!
Awww what a sweetie leaving you notes in the snow!!

Happy New Year Sharon!!