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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'll be home soon

I'm off in the morning for Florida with Jess. We have decided to go a bit early so to enjoy the trip and spend a day at Magic Kingdom. Rick is staying home to work and baby-sit the pets but I promise to bring him a surprise.

I'm recovering from the flu which I came down with last Friday evening. I got to the doctor early enough to take the flu-fighting medicine and get Jess started on it so she doesn't get it. I do feel much better, although weak as a kitten! Then...Rick came down with it Sunday evening!!! Off to the doctor with him too. It's been loads of fun at our house this week!

Will I have empty-nest syndrome when I get back from Florida? What are the symptoms? I must do research...see y'all in a week or so!

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Rachael said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!!