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Friday, February 1, 2008

One gnome is home...

Yes, I'm home! I've been pouting and working. We had a lovely trip barring the long traffic delays through Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia...both due to accidents. We arrived in Orlando on Friday around noon. We checked into our hotel, got a bite to eat and collapsed. I'm afraid we did nothing else that day. I was rather freaked out about all the traffic there and on the way Thursday...I'm just a small-town girl!

On Saturday morning we caught the courtesy shuttle to Magic Kingdom and had a blast! I loved Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World and Pirates of the Carribbean! The Philharmagic show was awesome too. We ate pizza, turkey legs and pretzels and walked around until our feet fell off. We caught a cab back to the hotel, had dinner at the hotel's restauraunt and as we were both exhausted we went to bed early.

On Sunday we spent the morning in and resting our aching feet. I wanted to try driving a bit to see if it still frightened me so we looked up an antiques shop and added the address into the TomTom. I drove right to it with no problems-did I mention how much I love my TomTom??? We spent a few dollars...two wooden cats and a book for me, Jessie didn't see anything that took her fancy. We also drove to the Medieval Times to pick up our tickets for that evening, had a bite to eat and got ready for the show.

Jess LOVED Medieval Times, I knew she would! It was grand fun and we both loved seeing the horses and show. Jess insists we must go back one day so Rick can see the show.

On Monday playtime was over and we got Jess to her check-in early. She went off doing her stuff and I went to the parent's tent for coffee and info. I took a walking tour of the apartment complex and the rep answered questions and explained routines and such. The complex is nice and seems quite secure. There are buses that go everywhere for the interns so Jess wont need to drive too much. I helped Jess put her stuff into her assigned apartment and she had meetings to go to. I walked back to the hotel to wait for her to finish.

I cross stitched all that afternoon; I got quite a bit done on les Moutons! After Jess had her meetings she drove to pick me up and we went for an early dinner (she didn't get lunch) and made a trip to Walmart for some food and other needed items. I helped her unpack and chatted a bit and walked back to the hotel...leaving my kid there for seven months. Wahhh! It was hard not to cry!

I flew home Tuesday morning, Orlando's airport is very nice. I sat in the food court for a long time cross stitching on les Moutons and listening to my iPod. I had a long wait in Dallas (I like that airport too) as my plane was delayed. More stitching time! After I landed in OKC we had dinner with my parents and then drove home. Ahh, home was so nice! I miss the kid like crazy.

Jessie has been uploading videos to her youtube account of her adventures...see them here!

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Rachael said...

Glad to hear you both got there ok and sounds like you had a great time.And pleased you had a safe journey home!!