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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm a winner!

Rachael, Jan and Lisa have all given me the Kreative Blogger award!

AND... Clare and Sandra have given me the Brillante Weblog award!

How cool is that? Thank you ladies, I am honored.

I am also supposed to award this on to others but I'm going to party-poop. As Kendra said "I'm an award-winning party-pooper!" Trust me...if it's in my blogroll it is well worth reading.

I have read I won the drawing on Pumpkin's blog. I dunno what I've won but I'm promised to like it! How much winning can one girl take? Thanks to everyone for reading my blog, your comments and for blogging yourselves. Reading your posts makes each day complete!

Edited...Sandra informed me she nominated me for the Brillante Weblog on her July 19th post. The funny thing about this is...I read that post. I completely skipped over the fact that was MY name listed and MY blog awarded.

I'm as daft as they come, dear readers; it must be that blond hair!!! Thanks, Sandra!


Pumpkin said...

Wow! You've had a busy day ;o) LOL! Congrats.

Lindsay said...


Clare - Aimetu said...

Congratulations and three wins :) I'm glad you liked the Brilliante Award - I do enjoy reading your blog.

Happy stitching - just to add I watched two fab modern versions of Shakespeare (Much Ado About Nothing and Midsummer Night's Dream) I don't know if you can get it but was a BBC dvd "Shakespeare Retold".

staci said...

Big Congrats to you!