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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Warning: Completely Random Stuff

The new laptop is incredibly awesome. The more I play with it~the more I like it. Windows Vista, I like too. It is really nice being able to add something or change stuff without worrying what everyone else will think. There is a silly ladybug that walks all over my computers' desktop. She is good company.

Pandora radio is really cool. I am addicted. It is a little enabling though...I keep finding music I MUST buy.

There were extremely creepy caterpillars on my Crabapple tree last week. They had feasted on every leaf on two branches over night. I went out to see why the tree looked funny and it was crawling alive with spiny worms that had red caps on. Eeek! Rick sprayed them and they dropped like~snap!

This is the tree the hummingbirds like to guard the feeders from. The current guard is so picky he has taken to chasing off the Chickadees!

Rick and I quit smoking on July 6th. It has been surprisingly easy to quit but really difficult learning to deal with the everyday stresses of life with no crutch! I am so glad we never smoked in the house...it's a lot easier to quit and my home doesn't reek of smoke. The truck (however) needs to be detailed. Badly.

I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

A bit of advice to those seeking employment...I know every other manager working here. Don't think I won't clue them in on what a rude, demanding ass you are.

Jessie's boyfriend has moved into a new apartment. He is just down the road a couple of miles now. Hello Matt! The kids are back in school and Jess is already loaded down with homework and theatre projects.

My friend Linda has a new kitty. She looks the very sister of Taco. Rzeznik looks like Taco, I mean. Not Linda.

Prostate cancer. My dad has it. That really sucks.

I find I have committed myself to three exchanges. OMG. Total Freak Out! Just kidding...they are all simple exchanges and I will have no problem stitching for them. I do keep seeing other neat ones going on and I think, "Oh cool, I should join..."

Ebay is dangerous. Stitchers with no willpower should not be allowed to visit the site.

The new issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine looks amazing~such cute Halloween ornaments! However, every place I check for it still has the August issue. Yes, I know it is still August but, damn...I want the new issue!

My hair is blond...this is how I think & write IRL with no editing.


brokenfairy said...

First of all Well done to you & Rick on quitting smoking,I found with only smoking outside it was a lot easier !!
I love the random posts!!
Oh I totally agree with the post about E bay!!!! LOL

Little Cat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. That really does suck :o(

Congrats on the stopping smoking. I'll be joining you in that one ... soon.

Sandra said...

Congrats on your smoking quitting! If everyday stress jump in, just do what I do: needlework lol Now you just need to teach Rick.

Sorry on your dad's, I'll keep him in my prayers.

Chiloe said...

I agree for Ebay: why do you think I just started a new project. At least, you, you will agree it is NOT my fault, right? lol

Sorry for your dad : it sucks ... (((hugs))))

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry about your Dad (((hugs))). Long may the quitting continue for both of you and I totally agree with you about Ebay

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Love how you wrote up this post :o)

Congrats on quitting smoking!!!! That's awesome! Keep it up :o)

I'm SO sorry to hear about your dad :o( I hope he will be alright. (((HUGS)))

crazybeads said...

Well done Sharon & Rick...keep up the good owrk.

Sharon just love your new header pic..awwwwww what a cutie.

Good luck in your dad's treatment..hang in there girl.

Julie said...

Congrats to you both on stopping smoking, thats brilliant.

Sorry to read about your dad, hope he can get some treatment to halt it.

Love the random posts!