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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today is a snuggly kind of day. It's bitter cold, windy and wet outside. We are having a bit of snow but it's only the snarl-traffic kind of snow not the snow angels and snowman kind of snow. Ho-hum. Yes, it's a keep-under-the-covers-warm day and I had to work. I did have the foresight to start a pot roast in the slow cooker before I left, so I arrived home to savory smells and a toasty warm kitchen. It was yummy.

Can you believe I haven't blogged since Friday? Creepy! We had a very productive weekend. Rick cleaned the garage while Jessie and I tackled the basement. The stacks of stuff in the basement were becoming rather Dr. Seuss style! Rick hauled two pick-up loads to the Salvation Army. Yes, two loads. We have said for years we should have a garage sale but it was never going to happen. Why waste a Saturday taking quarters for your outdated curtains when you could be riding a motorcycle or stash shopping? It was a massive clean-out and a nice tax deduction and it felt good! The basement is sparkling clean which pleases me to no end. That is our tornado shelter and I think we have been in more danger of being buried alive than blown away.

Have you noticed how appliances have such bright lights on them these days? We have a new coffee maker and I swear you could make a sandwich by it's clock display at night.

My fabric has arrived for Crabby All Year. It is all I can do to resist starting it! I even bit the bullet and purchased those ridiculously expensive buttons, which should arrive soon. I know I won't need the buttons for another year but I had to. I just had to! It will be fun to get them out for trial runs, right? The threads still need to be sorted, cut and bagged, maybe this coming weekend? Oh, and I found another blogger, Missy, who is just finishing Crabby up...aww, it's so fun and silly! There are a few SAL partners lined up with me for 2009 and it looks like a go! We still have about three weeks before the SAL begins so you have time to get the charts and supplies and join us!

Here is an update on Summer Joy since last time. This is an easy stitch but I haven't gotten much time for it this week. Nice progress though.

Jessie brought home Tales of Beedle the Bard. I'll read it soon. Although, I am still depressed that the Harry Potter series is over. I would still like to read the Twilight series before I see the movie. Wow, there are tons of movies coming up that I want to see. I can't remember the last time we went to the movie theatre...not counting the drive-in movies last summer! Where am I going to get all this time?

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


Theresa said...

I totally agree with you about the lights on the appliances.... I have a air purifier thing in my room and I had to put a duck tape over the power light cause I can hardly sleep with it shining sooo bright....
This is my first time seeing a design from Raise the Roof Designs, they have very intereting patterns~

Lillie said...

We are having gloomy days and its been raining all day and all nite long kinda thing and equally snuggly,exactly how you've describe it and just like what's on your mind..LOL But its a wet working day for me too...sigh

...and missing the pot roast :(
Have a good week Sharon

Christine said...

Great progress on Summer Joy.
I compromised and bought the buttons for the first 3 months, I still need to go through the chart and "Anglicise" it a bit, and I want to change "crabby" to "grumpy"

Annie said...

Lights on appliances reminds me of the time I got a new stereo (how old am I!) with a cool blue light to indicate it was on. We turned out the lights in the room and just played music and watched the stereo until suddenly we realized the glow was partly coming from the kitchen where a fire had started! A small one that we put out quickly, but what a scare!

Vonna said...

I love your picture in the header...COOL!
And The Tales of Beadle and Bard...want to read it! Have read the Twilight Series but I don't seem to be as over the moon about it as a lot of people good story though!!

tkdquintmom said...

Girl, I've read Twilight....READ IT. It's good for a late teenish book series. I'm taking my girls this weekend I think to see it. I also miss Harry...it sucks he's not around.

Julie said...

Stay warm and snuggly, its a frosty cold day here too. I'm finding my stitching time is being compromised with reading time, i am getting sucked into a book and not much stitching accomplished.

Nice progress on 'joy'

Cyn said...

Hi Sharon,

Yes, we are having the same weather. I did all of my running around last night so I can stay home tonight, continue getting ready for the Holidays and stitch!

Windy Meadow

Ginnie said...

Sounds very exciting starting your new SAL, I look forward to seeing the progress. Joy looks lovely. Yes I want to read Twilight before I see it, but my daughter loves it so much she won't lend me the book unless I can read it in 24hrs!! no chance then!! She is on her 8th read of it!!!!

Tammy said...

The Summer Joy is so pretty!

Lori-Ann said...

Make sure not to loose this list, so you can accomplish some of them on a rainy day.

Your stitching is looking great! :oD

Pumpkin said...

The weather here has been HORRIBLE! One day it's -13 and snowing and the next it's + 10 and raining. Oye!

I can't believe that you bought the button pack! WOW!

Lisa said...

It's cold here too - no snow yet; not even any rain in sight until next week. And I'm glad you have your tornado shelter back!

Cindy F. said...

Summer Joy is so pretty!
Have fun with your SAL. I'm in one starting in Jan. for a HAED SAL:)