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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saturday Fun & Games

Dash and I should have stayed home yesterday and "got stuff done" instead of spending the day playing. The lawn needs mowing, carpet vacuumed, bed linens washed and the dust must be appalling but I'm too scared to look. The next two weekends are going to be crazy busy so we really should have done our chores but a little sweetie named Kelsey has leukemia and we wanted to help her family.

Our day started early with a quick bite to eat before riding to Yale, Oklahoma to buy our entry into the Poker run. We chatted with other bikers and met up with our friend Brian before we were off to Cushing, OK to draw our first card. I only then remembered to take some photos...

Our bike in front, Brian's behind.

I drew a 6 of Clubs.

Wasn't it gorgeous? You can just get a glimpse of Brian in our side mirror, behind us. We don't know the people in front of us, just other riders on the run.

The above photo was taken right after the Stone Wolf Casino stop. We were making good time so we went into the casino for a cold beer. Dash handed me $20 to play slots while he and Brian chatted. I cashed out at $56 so I was tickled.

Lots of riders. I heard there were 133.

I had a really good chance before I drew that dratted Heart! Oh well, this was a "for a good cause" event so even if I had won something I would have donated it to the family. The fun was in the ride and the fellowship. And that yummy brisket sandwich we were given for lunch!

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Ma Teakettle said...

What a fun day, Daff, and such a worthy cause…housework and chores will always be there, but a gorgeous day out on the bike, enjoying fellowship will not…you did the right thing, kitten :)
Love the bike

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

glad you had fun and it was for a good cause. Brisket sandwiches and open air bike riding are always good. Hugs lynda

AnaCristina said...


Frances N said...

What a kind and generous thing you did--and it was fun, too!!! I know her family appreciated everyone! You can do those chores ANY day--they'll still be there later--they never go away! LOL

Julie said...

A great fundraising day

Boyett-Brinkley said...

What a wonderful thing to do! The dust will wait -- this was much more important and fulfilling!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

After the crummy winter we've had, a day spent doing something good for somone on the back of a bike is the way to go. The house chores will be there. That housework fairy is on strike at our house too since the weather turned nice.

Valma said...

it seems to have been an incredible moment, so happy for you that you could live it :D
you really had to enjoy ;)