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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Try, Try, Try Again

I made some mini Dresden blocks to practice with. These blades get appliqued onto background squares with a blanket stitch. Doing these...It's harder than I thought it would be! Those corners are tricky and if you forget which part of the stitch your machine is at when you turn? Things go really wonky. I am positive after doing 16 blocks, I will have it down pat. 

Once the blades are applied you cover the center hole. Good grief! There are so many different ways of doing these! I decided on fabric and iron-on interfacing.

The top set in the photo above was my first try. I subtracted a quarter inch from my circle and sewed. Too small! Middle set, I did not subtract the quarter and they are the correct size...but I got the interfacing on the inside. BAH! Bottom row, correct size, interfacing going out. Whew! It's a good thing I am patient. However...I see myself doing this same mistake in the future. Often. BAH!

I start sewing them on. 

Eeeek! That's the wrong side! Rip, rip!

That looks better. It's a good thing I'm patient.

Four completed blocks!

Dresden blocks done this way, in five blade sets, are called a Grandmother's Fan. Maybe this will be a little throw pillow to match my quilt?

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deb said...

.... blanket stitch, on your machine? Well that will certainly go faster than what I was envisioning, lol! Your blue petals (?) look so nice.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your blocks looks super. Enjoy your weekend!

Khristine Doiron said...

Very pretty! And so complicated sounding. Glad you are the one making it, not me :)

Kerryp77 said...

Lovely quilting. Very pretty blocks.

CathieJ said...

You have much more patience than I do, but your blocks are very pretty.

Janet said...

This does sound complicated! But it looks great in the end. Trying something new can use a lot of brain cells.

NanaDiana said...

Very pretty. I bet those are tricky to do for sure! It is going to be beautiful when it is all put together. xo Diana

Desiree Ehleiter said...

I cannot imagine the work that goes into this. Incredibly beautiful.

moosecraft said...

Learning takes patience... that's for sure! But, you can not succeed without trying and these are looking great! :-)

Karyn said...

That is gorgeous! It looks really hard, but you are mastering it...yay!
Just started my first quilt and now I'm hooked! I get why ur TUSAL jar is so full of quilt scraps cuz ya just can't stop...like potato chips :)

Jo said...

I'm glad you have worked it out