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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fun Mail Day!

I was excited for this afternoon's mail as I was expecting packages! I got home to find a huge box marked "perishable" all over every side. "What's this?" I asked Dash. He had no clue. Fun mail isn't supposed to look like that and I was deeply puzzled. Oh, wait...that's my prescription from the specialty pharmacy! Not fun mail at all! My little bottle of pills came in a giant styrofoam box with little chilled coolers inside another giant box. 

Then the actual mail came and I  was a little frightened:

Eeek! Obviously well smashed on top of being two days late. Hmmm. This package went from Arizona to Virginia where it wandered around before being sent back to Oklahoma for delivery. 

Whew, the insides were undamaged! I found this box of 503 accessories on eBay and snapped it up as I have no feet except a zigzag and I was hoping it had some of the cams I needed to complete my set. It did have two I needed but it also had two of the "0" (zero) cams that are rather sought after. That makes 3 zero cams I have! I will have to give these things a good cleaning ala Andy Tube's method as they are kinda stinky. The box will be put in storage along with the manual...pee-yew...I hate that musty odor!

Another little package, this one undamaged, was a bobbin tension meter so I can check things out on my machines. You can find this creature on The Singer Featherweight Shop's site click here.

I've also gathered even more supplies for machine restoration. Odd photo angle as my paint brushes package would not stop shining!

This is a picture for Andy who was telling me about the rare eyelet cam for my buttonholer and as luck would have it one was mixed in with the accessories that came with my 301. It even has the original box! Quite a find and I still grin every time I think of it!

No photos of the Dresden plate, but all my folded corners are on! Progress, slow but there.

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Lots of fun in the mail today. I love these types of mail days with lots of things to ooh and aah over. --Andrea

Khristine Doiron said...

I am so excited for all these finds you found! Good for you :)

DebbieSFL said...

I found an easy way to get rid of "stank". Put some charcoal (for your grill) in a small zip lock bag, keeping it open and then place it along with the other items that you want to "cleanse" in a larger zip lock and seal the larger only. By keeping the smaller open it allows the charcoal to absorb the odors. just make sure the charcoal is separate in the smaller bag. I was given a lovely needlework book by someone that they bought at a yard sale, but it was from a smoking home and was awful. I did this and checked on it after 1 week and was almost clean. I think i left if for another week and you could not smell anything.