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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge

Val let me know last week it was time to cash in our savings for the Piggy Bank Challenge. We were supposed to post our results on the 6th, I think. Of course, I am late! I did send Dash off to the bank with my coin and he brought back this:


Wow! Then I realized I was missing this:

The four Quarters I had taken out of my jar to help me measure my presser bar height on my 301. Whoops! So my actual total is:


Not bad at all for spare change! I haven't decided what to buy. Fabric? Another vintage machine? Patterns? The choices...there are so many! 

I tossed my coins back into my jar to start saving again...

Please visit Val's blog to join in on the fun! Sign-ups start on 13 July. How much can you save to spend (guilt-free) on your hobby?

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your saved coins! Enjoy your day!

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh that is some serious stash money, Wowzer, good job.


Karyn said...

What?! Awesome idea! I have soooo much change that's just sitting in a ziploc...heading over to Val's. Of course, you know how horrible I am at sticking to things. How you put up with me, I'll never know...but enough about me lol.
Great haul Daff, that's gonna buy some real stash, my friend!

Sweet Sue said...

nice haul sharon, good for you!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

You literally had me laughing outloud when I got to the four quarters! You are sooo funny. WOW!!! And what a great savings. CONGRATS!! Have fun spending guilt free. :) See ya next Thursday for our 5th year of savings that lies ahead.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

PS: I LOVE your savings jug!

Jo said...

That's a great tally

Khristine Doiron said...

Good for you!! Can't wait to see what you decide to spend it on :)