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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Easy Shopping List

I've posted before how I precut my DMC into 8 equal lengths, slip them back into their numbered band and into a bag. When I get to the end of a skein I toss that numbered band into my frog jar and save it. The little short band gets tossed into a giant jar and saved, aren't they pretty? I've always had an idea to one day put these into a clear glass lamp for my studio.

Once I get a lot of the numbered bands saved I will get them out and write down the numbers and go shopping! This way I can replace the floss I've used and I don't miss out on sales because I haven't looked to see which colors I need.

This photo is a bit dark to reduce glare. You can see I have one unopened skein of DMC 160 and one precut skein. I tuck an index card in the bag so it will stand up in my cabinet and it's easier to see the floss. The bags are "Bag-It" by Westex, not Floss-A-Way's. I don't like those because they are covered in red lettering and I like being able to see my floss.

Everyone will be curious! How you do your floss and how you keep track of replacement colors? 

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Beth said...

Thank you for sharing your floss storage idea - I've had mine in two binders, but the storage system is falling apart so I'll check yours out.

Donna said...

I gave up on the Bag-its years ago when I had trouble getting the zippers to close. Do you have any issues? It's why I moved to Floss Away, because I can always close them, even my decades old ones.

Jeetje Van Wijhe-Fuchs said...

I use bobbins and when a bobbin is empty, I put it in a box so I know I must buy that color.

butterfly said...

Great Idea , all my threads are in bags and in boxs all 7s in one box all 9s and so on.
I love your idea of cutting your threads all ready , thank you.

Kate said...

Terrific idea!! I don't like using bobbins simply because I don't like the kink they leave in the floss. I quite like the idea of saving the numbered bands in a jar - that's so attractive (to a stitcher, that is). :)

Khristine Doiron said...

I keep mine in bags and in photo boxes. I don't like winding bobbins so the bags work perfect. And we never have floss sales in Canada :(

D1-D2 said...

I keep mine as well. One day I want to get a large floor vase and will put them all in there. Right now they're in a mason jar and it's already full lol

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's a good idea but it's took me 25 years to get a full set and I still haven't used some colours so I don't need two skeins of everything. Not at UK prices!
I do use the Floss-away bags and stitch from the master set for everything except really BAPs (the UK price issue again).
When I notice I am running low on a colour I will go through all my bags (which I keep on rings) and make a list of everything with less than a 1/4 of skein approximately. And then make a bulk order.
I did treat myself to a cone of 310 a couple of years back, that was a great buy!

Julie said...

Mine are on bobbins in lots of boxes. Old fashioned notepad and pencil list for me.

Meari said...

Here's how I store my floss:

My overdyed/hand-dyed:

As for replenishing, I usually do it when I run out of color (because it's ALWAYS when I'm in the middle of a project).

Bekca said...

I tick my new threads off on a chart I got free with a stitching magazine years ago, then I wind them onto bobbins and store them in numerical order. When I come to the end of a floss, I add it to my wishlist on Sew and So to remind me to re-order :)