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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fairy Dragon Freebie

I'm posting another free cross stitch pattern. This one was not created by me...my darling daughter made this one for you! Jessie loves dragons and she is the real artist in the family. Although she doesn't cross stitch she did an excellent job in pattern making; with only a few pointers from me.

Choose your own colors!
For this design you need:

Red (mushroom top)
Black (backstitching, nostril)
Light Tan (mushroom stem)
Bright Yellow (mushroom spots)
Dark Green (dragon)
Light Green (dragon)
Dark Gold (dragon horns)
Dark Yellow (eye)
Light Blue (wings)
Dark Blue (wing backstitching)

If you stitch this design, please email me a photo!

I haven't had anything to blog about this week. Such a boring life, eh? I have been stitching and I promise to post a progress picture soon!


Shelly said...

oh how cute! My 8 yr old nephew loves dragons! I will have to stitch that up for him! You have a fantastic blog!

Paisley said...

What a cute dragon! Your daughter has quite a talent!

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! Your DD is very talented :o)

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness, that's wonderful! What a talented daughter!!

Lennu said...

Oh so cute! Congratulations to your daughter, the dragon looks wonderful!

Annie said...

Pretty handy to have a cross stitch designer in the family! She did a great job on this.

Lisa said...

Great job on the dragon - I always wanted to be able to draw; I guess that's why I stitch. :)

Carol said...

Your daughter is VERY talented!

Julie said...

Great design - well done to your daughter

Sandra said...

Wow! She did a great job! I love dragons and this one is very cute! Love the colors and his fairy wings!

Brandi said...

Awesome, too cute! I live in Bartlesville, OK! :-) IDK how far Stillwater is though, we just moved here from Fort Smith, AR. :-)

crazybeads said...

Wow this is really great.
jessie has got stitching talent...
Congrats on having a clever daughter but of course all the talent is inherited from her Mommy lol

Love it.


Lindsay said...

That is so cool, going to have to stitch for my DD

brokenfairy said...

Well done Jess on a great design!!