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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long

Notice: The 2012 Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long is now open for sign-ups, click here to go!

I received so many comments & emails about the Totally Useless Stitch-a-long that I decided to "revive" it for next year. I will change the link in my sidebar to link to this post since it now links to a blog which no longer exists.

If you would like to join the SAL for 2011, leave a comment on this post. The rules are simple...

1. Get a glass container and save your thread clippings or ORTs (Old Ratty Threads!) Some stitchers include fabric trimmings, thread bands or any other stitching cast-offs they gather.

2. On (or about) each New Moon take a picture of the ORTs in your jar and post it to your blog. Yes, you MUST have a blog to be included. Reasonably "late" posts will be accepted...posting several updates at once is cheating!

3. Yes, you can use your current ORT jar. This is no contest...the stitcher with the most ORTs doesn't automatically win!

4. You must post a picture each New Moon, even if there has been no "progress" to show.

5. Label your Totally Useless posts with "TUSAL" to make it easier for me to find your posts at the end. If you don't know how to "label" your posts email me.

Why numbers 4 & 5? Because...those that have commented here AND made their 13 New Moon 2011 updates will be included in a giveaway! That's right...every stitcher commenting here will be added to the drawing. If your name is drawn, I will check your blog for your New Moon updates, if they have been made ~ then you win...if not, another name will be drawn!

Wait! This is a giveaway, you ask? What is the prize? To be totally honest, I have no clue!!! I will start collecting stash...adding it to a box. Would it be fun to have participants & fellow bloggers add stash? I think so! If you'd like to add an item to the giveaway you can email me at daffy-cat AT hotmail DOT com & I will give you my mailing address. Please, don't send me an 8 pound bag of crushed walnut shells...or I'll not afford to mail the package to the winner! I'm thinking handmade items, charts (respect copyrights, no photocopies!) fat quarters, fabric and finishing materials. Sound good?

Please DON'T comment on this post if you are not joining the stitch-a-long! Since some of you have multiple blogs, please tell me the name of the blog you will be posting your updates to. I will add your name & blog link to a list in this post. If you have commented and you have not been added to the list within a few days...I may have overlooked you...email me! Questions? Feel free to email me! International bloggers are welcome!

2011 New Moon Dates:
January 4
February 3
March 4
April 3
May 3
June 1
July 1
July 30
August 29
September 27
October 26
November 25
December 24

The Totally Useless Guest List:
1. It's Daffycat
2. Fog City Dweller
3. Purple Peacock
4. Tea and Stitches
5. Something For Me
6. Kathy's Sit and Stitch
7. Before The Dawn
8. My Wee Stitchy Blog
9. The Auld Grey Mare
10. Needles Pins and Dragonflies
11. Threads, thoughts and other notions
12. Bonnie's World
13. Therapy by Thread
14. Colorado Stitcher
15. An Expat Kiwi Crafter
16. Are you In Stitches?
17. Sharlene's Stitching Site
18. Erica's Places
19. Simply Stitching In The Garden
20. Tangled Up In Sticks and String
21. Kttycat Cross Stitch Blog
22. Hanging On By A Thread
23. Just A Virginia Gir
l24. Chriz' Stitching Spot
25. Blissfully Stitching
26. B0nn13's Place
27. My Art, My So Called Life
28. Fireflies & Cats in the garden
29. Heartland Stitching
30. Hooked On Stitching
31. Faery Grandmother
32. Old Ragged Threads
33. Orts and Ends
34. Cathis Stitching Blog
35. Annette's Pieces
36. Pixelknit's Ponderings
37. Bits of My Own
38. Stitching Daze
39. It's Geek to Me
40. Cross Stitch Crazy
41. Sheila's Stitches & Stuff
42. Raised by Poodles
43. My Stitching Corner
44. A Cosy Little Place For Stitching
45. Just Alex
46. Debbie's Corner
47. Gr8dame's Place
48. Stitching Life in the Fast Lane
49. Me, My Bubble and My Stitching
50. Poppy Patchwork
51. Babs Stitching & Stuff
52. Cindi's Stitching & Stuff
53. Cheerfully Crossing
54. Lisa's Stitching Life
55. Jodie's Crafty Blog
56. Knitting Kitties
57. Caring Stitcher
58. Fairy Tales & French Knots
59. Grandma's Musings
60. The Last Remaining Brain Cell
61. Stitchen' My Life Away
62. Dominant Hands
63. Hello Operator
64. Never A Dull Moment
65. TeaTime Ramblings
66. Alyoops!
67. All I want...is everything
68. Minding My Own Stitches
69. Cha Cha's World
70. Revelations of a Delusional Knitter
71. A Bit of This and a Bit of That
72. quiltcat
73. Stitching Again
74. AuryTM
75. Days of a Sampler Lover
76. Little Knitables
77. Sense and Stitchability
78. Craftie
79. Stitching, Crafting and Life ~ OH MY!
80. Sarah ~ With an 'H'
81. Knitterofhats speaks
82. Random Ramblings
83. Cross Stitching
84. Helen's Hobbies
85. Midnight Stitching
86. Rikes (Kreuz)sticheleien
87. Taking One Stitch At A Time
88. Debbie's Cross-Stitch
89. Foxy's Toys
90. The Teakettle Corner
91. Eat Stitch Love
92. Cranberry Samplings
93. Reflections in the Pond
94. Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life
95. Blu Stitcher
96. Bec's cross stitch creations
97. BAP Attack
98. Én és a keresztszemezés
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100. Contented Stitcher
101. Bramblewood Stitches
102. Measi's Musings
103. Come Stitch With Me
104. Seasons Of My Mind
105. Kathy's Stitching and other comments
106. A Needle and some Thread
107. Mind Wanderings
108. Random Stitching Ramblings
109. Fabric and Thread and Needles and Patterns, OH MY!
110. Carol's Stitching and Stuff
111. Kearnel's Korner
112. Lesleyanne's Life of Stitches
113. Stitch Days
114. Kilijo's Musings
115. Nan's Needlework Notions
116. My Favourite Things
117. Stitched in Wales
118. Stitching Cats
119. Between Crosses with Nina
120. The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess
121. Stitching and Stuff
122. Susan's Stash of Stitching and Books
123. Mark's Quilts
124. Keeping It Homemade
125. Loretta's Stitching Blog
126. Words of a Wikkid Woman
127. Stitching the Night Away in Illinois
128. Az élet naposabb oldala
129. Borduurmeisje
130. Aimetu's Stitching
131. Bunny Stuff
132. Emmie's Ramblings
133. Tűbarkács
134. needles-and-quilter-me
135. The Stitching Frog
136. More than just Cross Stichin'
137. Flossy Lady
138. Mi Pequeño Tesoro
139. Villa Loedana
140. Cseverke
141. Stitching is cheaper than Therapy
142. Yellow Flower Meadow
143. Home of a Floss Junkie
144. ziggyeor's loopyness
145. EEF's Needle
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165. cenefas de flores
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168. Lit and Laundry
169. Rebel In Ontario
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171. Gumbo And Grits
172. xszemekbe zárva
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175. Gennyysusamigas
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181. sticken und sonst fast nix
182. Bizzi Hands
183. Time Travel Stitching
184. One Stitch Closer to Nirvana
185. Cross Stitching Nut
186. The Hera Chronicles
187. My New Perspective
188. A Stitch in Time*
189. Nutmegger Stitcher's Works
190. Midge's Crafty Corner
191. Life's a stitch...
192. Stitching My Life Away
193. Peaceful Threads by Fiona
194. Kay's Random World
195. Beth's Blog
196. The Sparklie Things Blog
197. Rhythm of Goals
198. Kate + Ice Cream
199. Home of Miracle
200. Stitching Through Life
201. Creative Carrie
202. Gathering Place
203. Tangled Threads
204. Dani: Black Belt Stitching Wizard
205. just a scrappin and stitchin chick
206. Trinabelle's
207. Phoenix Needlepoint News
208. By The Bay NeedleArt
209. Just Another Flamigo On The Lawn
Entries for the SAL are now closed!
A shout-out on your blog to let other stitchers know about the new Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


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Carrie said...

Would like to join. I think this is a neat idea.


Darla said...

Count me in!


Rhona said...

What a great idea, I'd love to join in...already thinking about what fancy jar I can use!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sharon, I've missed the deadline, but I think I will join in this year... a girl can always use a little more fodder for the blog! Will post my TUSAL tomorrow!


jan said...

Hi - I would like to join the Totally useless SAL -


Thank you,


Trinabelle said...

Hi! Is it too late to join? I hope not! Blog link & email are in my Blogger profile. I'll snap a pic of my Ort Jar and get it posted tomorrow. Thanks!

Daffycat said...

I discovered this comment mixed into another post:

Phoenix Needlepoint News said...
Posted a photo of "the Jar" and would like to be included. Sounds like fun! The blog is phoenixneedlepointnews.blogspot.com

January 7, 2011 7:17 AM

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