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Friday, August 30, 2013

Some Blogging Instructions

Last Saturday I posted about cleaning up my blog lists ~ deleting abandoned blogs or those blogs that no longer point to anything but a notice from Blogger that the blog has been removed. Some of you had questions about how to do this. It's really very easy!

Disclaimer...this is said because you may have trouble with these instructions: If you are using Windows Internet Explorer you probably have A LOT of problems on Blogger. I know I did! I had trouble commenting on some blogs, I had trouble with screwy spaces being inserted in my posts, I had trouble period. I thought it was Blogger. I thought Blogger was crap.

Not True.

Internet Explorer is crap.

Blogger and Internet Explorer do not like each other.

If you are one of those rare people that have ZERO PROBLEMS using Internet Explorer with Blogger my hat is off to you. I wish you all the best! This is NOT THE CASE for most people that I can tell.

If you DO have problems, the fix is simple ~ download a different browser. I changed to Chrome a while back and magically, ALL my Blogger problems went away. ALL the things I griped about, "Why don't they fix this?" were FIXED!

It is heavenly. I love Blogger. I love Chrome. If I never open Internet Explorer again it will be too soon.

Back to my original topic...If you are signed into Blogger and you open your blog, meaning visit your own blog you should see this little "tools" symbol (pointed to by my very crudely drawn red arrow) on the bottom right corners of each gadget on your blog:

If you do not see this button, you might not be correctly signed in. Or you might be using Internet Explorer ~ told you so. Once you click that button it brings up a box to edit that gadget. On my blog I use a "link list" (2, actually) to link to my blogs. Some of you use the actual "blog list" gadget that has the blogs moved to the top in order of recent posts. I used to use that one too but I guess I had too many blogs or something because it never worked correctly, hummm, I was using Internet Explorer at that time. In any case, clicking that tools symbol will let you edit your gadget. When it has opened, make your edits...then scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window and click save. If you forget to save ~ it will stay the same and all your work will be for nothing!

Some of you are using your Dashboard as a reader. The photo below is an example of the Dashboard, what you see when you've signed in to Blogger. The blogs you have "followed" appear in a reading list. Some blogs you might wish you never followed. Or there are so many it takes FOREVER to scroll through them. How do you get rid of them without going TO THAT BLOG, and clicking the "unfollow" button ~ which you can't do if the blog has been deleted, can you?

Yup, it's that tiny "gear" symbol. Like anyone would know that, right? Click that button and WAIT.

And. Wait.

Wait forever.

Because it takes forever to bring up this list:

Then you can click the settings button for the blog you want to remove:

Then you can click the button "stop following this site." But don't click "stop following" for California Stitcher ~ Annette has a really awesome blog...if you aren't already following, I'd recommend her.

Warning ~ "managing" the Blogs You Follow takes FOREVER. It really does. Click the buttons and be prepared to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT. 

Now then, does that help? If you are asking for help removing blogs in a specific reader, like Feedly just email me. For editing your Bloglovin reader, I have no clue since I don't use it...perhaps another blogger will volunteer to help out?

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


Parsley said...

I am still working through my list alphabetically. Great help to others who need to do this as well.

missy said...

THANK YOU....I so needed the walk through as I wasn't waiting and just kept thinking that I kept doing something wrong. Now I know all I need is just a little patience. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I had similar issues with IE and Blogger and also with FB. I changed to Chrome and it's lovely.

I'm using an ipad alot now and find Feedly isn't as good on the ipad app as on the PC and writing blog posts is almost impossible but I can sit in the living room rather than in the hall where the PC lives so I can cope LOL.

Joy said...

I've used Chrome for the longest time but when I got my new laptop, I had issues with it crashing all the time so I had to use IE 9 which isn't horrible but, yeah, I had issues with Blogger, especially the Picasa Web Albums. So, I decided to go back to Chrome and it's not crashing anymore.

Chrome is Google and Blogger is Google so it's logical that the two work well together.

Lesleyanne said...

Thank you for the instructions.

Annette-California said...

Bless you Sharon! Thank you for the instructions. I appreciate it so much. I think I need to try Chrome too. When I was reading and saw "California Stitcher" you should of seen my face - I got sooo confused. Then I continued reading - then laughed:) This post was a lot of work and THANK YOU AGAIN for all the time it took.
love Annette

Anne said...

I haven't used ie ever since Mozilla came out. Chrome works slowly for my old school laptop, but its blogger friendly. Loving feedly and find it easy to remove blogs from there too. Like the tips though through blogger since I've found a few blogs I've deleted but are still showing up for some reason.

cucki said...

Aww thank you dear.
Hugs x

Chris said...

Good to know!
Thanks :)

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Thank you. I kept wondering about those tool icons. Never touched them, was worried what would happen!!! ;)

Robin said...

Thank you! We must be on the same wavelength. Thank you for sharing this info. Now I can clean up my following list! Yeah!

Angela P said...

Perfect detailed instructions Sharon!

Like you.....Chrome is the only way to go :) My DH still uses internet explorer but he is always running into problems and I just say "I told you so" :)

TexWisGirl said...

i've used chrome for over a year, now, after running into that same issue w/ i.e. not playing nice with blogger. google likes to push us into their own family of products and does it quite effectively.

liniecat said...

brill heads up, many thanks!

Zeb said...

Have my own website so this doesn't apply to me, but still good to know =)

Pumpkin said...

You're one of the reasons I was up late the other night! After reading this post, I decided to get my Blogs organized. I'm almost halfway there. Btw, what do you do with Blogs that haven't been touched for a year or more?

Faith... said...

Thanks for showing us how to get rid of those blogs!

I am one of those people who use IE...successfully!

Stitching Noni said...

Great instructions :)
A good spring clean is a great thing to do.. And I must get around to doing mine :)

Carolyn NC said...

What I'm trying to figure out is how to remove myself from group blogs that I've joined (not followed) and there appears to be no place to do this and I have no idea who the moderator is to ask to remove me!

Daffycat said...

To remove yourself from a group blog:

Go to your dashboard
See the button next to each blog that says "View Blog"?
Look directly to the left, there is a "down" arrow button, click that
Choose "settings"

See Permissions - remove yourself from this blog

Click it!

Easy. Once you KNOW HOW!