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Thursday, September 5, 2013

September ORT Report

Golly gee whillikers! I nearly forgot it was the new moon! Busy at home, busy at work...just too much going on sometimes. Whew - I made it, I'm not early as I'd like to be but I'm not late!

So much went on the last month, I didn't really have much stitching time. Still haven't finished this Lizzie*Kate but I did put a few ORTs in my jar:

Then I found another project that screamed "stitch me now!" and I listened so that one has been kitted and started. I'm such a loose floozy when it comes to stitching. I promise to show you that one soon.

An example of how crazy it's been here. I had hives last month. Went to the doctor only after my hands swelled to giant proportions. I could not make a fist and had no knuckles. Then my throat was swelling up so I went to the walk-in clinic. 2 injections and a packet of steroid pills set me right to rain.

It happened again this week. Oh no! At the first symptoms of intense itching and wee bumps I went back to the clinic. It's cause is a medicine I've been taking for my Rosacea, I'm allergic and won't be taking it again. It was worse this time than I thought - the swelling in my throat was constricting my airways so my oxygen saturation level was low. The gave me a pill, those 2 injections and another dose packet of steroids. I had to wait in the office while it began to work to make sure I could breath. This treatment stops the allergic reaction pretty fast  and I'm back to normal, whatever that is.

More Crazy, got up at 3:30 this morning, had coffee, got ready & left the house, worked until 1:30. Went and got gas. Got home, took Molly out to pee, changed clothes, started some laundry, straightened up the house a bit, Molly out to pee again and left for the city to pick up my daughter, Jessie, to stay with us a few days. We drove back, checked on our car that is in the shop (still not ready) so came back to town. Liquor store, needed wine. Grocery store, needed food. Because apparently you can do some really crazy things drinking wine if you don't eat. I don't really remember, it's all just a blur.

We finally step foot in the house with arms full of chickens, wines and vegetables and peanut butter poptarts to spot this on the living-room floor. Look it snowed! Molly bit a hole in her soccer ball and must have had a BLAST pulling every last bit of stuffing out. That sucker was e m p t y. I think she was sad being alone all day, that doesn't happen too often! Silly Molly, what a giggle she is. 

Now let's see your ORTs! TUSALers leave a comment on this post with the address to your September update. If I decide to host a giveaway at the end of the year you will receive an extra entry! Are you wondering what the heck a TUSAL is? Click here for info!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


Shelly said...

Lol Molly! Hope you're feeling much better! Here's my Ort report http://shelly-anarizonastitcher.blogspot.com/2013/09/tusal-september-pssst-scroll-down.html

Brendon said...

I am sorry that you had an allergic reaction to your medication. I went throught that only with Welbutrin - an anti-depressent I had hives EVERYWHERE even the bottoms of my feet. It hurt soooooo bad. I am glad that you are feeling better.
Molly sure is getting cute! Here is the link to my ORT this month! http://jeffandbrendonjones.blogspot.com/p/ort-tusal.html

Jackie's Stitches said...

So glad you figured out what you were allergic to. That had to be really scary.

Anonymous said...

Your orts look great.

I hope the hives stay away and you get to feeling better soon.

Molly is to funny! Look at all that stuffing!

олик** said...

I hope the above health improves.
my report here http://olgahmel.blogspot.com/2013/09/tusal.html?spref=fb

katica said...

Hope you are doing better and what a silly cutie pie Molly is!!

I just posted my ort report! :O)

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon. Here is my TUSAL post: http://myfrozensunshine.blogspot.com/

Lesleyanne :)

Steph said...

Oh dear, I do hope you don't have a repeat of those hives. I also have this thing for many new starts. Now I'm in a fuddle trying to get them done :) Great orts, some is better than none. Here is the link to my tusal:http://stephiesstitching.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/tusal-time-already-time-is-flying-by.html

cucki said...

Hope you are feeling better dear.
Hugs x

Rike said...

here's my ort Report:

Hope you're better now!

Happy stitching

Chris said...

Wow! Molly did have a party!!AT least it was her soccer ball and not a sofa cushion :)
Here is the link for my Sept. Tulsa http://totstitch.blogspot.com/2013/09/september-tusal.html
I am glad that they figured out what you are allergic to, that is a scary reaction.
Have a wonderful weekend.

vale-tina said...

My report:

AnaCristina said...

My September update TUSAL is here:


Vickie said...

Wow! Quite the allergic reaction.
Glad Molly attacks toys and not your beautiful furniture! http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

Bonnie Brown said...

Mine is up!

ladycobblestones said...

Ta-Da My first ORT report.
I hope you feel okay now. My hand hurt just seeing that photo.
You said to let you know if I ever started a blog. I started one.
Thanks for the ORT fun.

Minnie said...

That is the reason "Bud" doesn't have stuffed toys anymore, his main objective is to tear it open and get to the squeaker. Drinking wine is better than medications and it doesn't give you hives. My TUSAL is at http://minnie-allxxs.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Get well soon. Here is my blog www.lizylovelystitche.blogspot.com thanks for visiting.

cerato said...

Get well soon! Here is my september ORT report:



Brigitte said...

Doesn't sound very funny, that allergic reaction. Glad to read that everything's OK and you know where it comes from.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that hives problem must have been SCARY. I'm glad you got to the bottom of what was causing it.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Melanie said...

Haha! That does look like she had a good time! Hey, better that than pulling the couch apart, right? :)
That's so scary about the allergic reaction. Yikes. Glad you knew right away what was causing it.

Bente Lill M said...

Here is my report:
Have started to add a short summary in English at the bottom of each post for my non-Norwegian readers. ;)
Thanks for the ORT- & TUSAL-idea!

Cole said...

Oh my goodness, your hand! That must've been scary, thank goodness it's all sorted out now!

Shannon Meyer said...

I'm glad to hear that your allergy to the meds has gotten better. That is really scary!!

Up until last January, we had 2 indoor dogs, I can't tell you how many times we came home to messes like this!! :)

Here is my TUSAL report for the month...

lynda said...

Hope your hand is feeling better!

here is a link to my TUSAL post


D1-D2 said...


Here's my September TUSAL report


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I laughed (a lot) when I read your 'loose floozy' comment, especially after what I posted on MY blog today. Yes, I have a warped sense of humour! So sorry about your allergic reaction - good that you were able to get help quickly. The sight of stuffing all over the floor brings back memories - our Odin refused to play with a stuffed toy until after he'd taken the stuffing totally out - then it was fit to play with. OH - and my TUSAL is up - http://magpiesmumblings.blogspot.ca/2013/09/tusal.html

Anna van Schurman said...

I have chronic idiopathic urticaria (really bad hives for a long time and they don't know why) so I can totally empathize with the hives. (Except for the part where they give you the shot and it does away.) I do know that it can really drain you. As can picking up stuffing from soccer balls. ;)

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

Holy Cow on the Hives!! I'm glad that issue was remedied quickly.

My ORT Report, if you will :D


Mouse said...

ooooo that's ouchie and what a bummer being allergic to the meds you are taking...
and welcome to my world ....lol
house looks like a bombs hit it with toys n stuffing and cardboard tubes !!!
and tusal report going up prob tomorrow ... late but hey ho ...lol love mouse xxxx

P.J. said...

Oh my...your reaction must haven scary, so glad you are better. At least it was her soccer ball...I was afraid you were going say a pillow. They are a mess sometimes aren't they. Hehehe. Enjoy your time with Jess. :)

Claudette497 said...

Ha! Molly and Kuna both! I'm glad to know there's another destructor of dog toys out there. My ort report is at http://bap-attack.blogspot.com/

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Poor you, that hand looks painful.

At least Molly helped, laughter is supposed to be the best medicine!

Here is my TUSAL post:

Meari said...

Your hand looks terrible :( Scary sounding, too.

LOL @ the flattened soccer ball and "stitching floozy"

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Linda said...

Sure glad to hear that you figuered out what you were allergic to Sharon. I really love the pic of the mess that Molly made. Sorry, gave me my smile for the day.
Here is the link for my ort report:


Lynn said...

Poor you! Allergic reaction are nasty! I'm so glad that you're feeling better now and things didn't get any worse.
OMG, that soccer ball is too funny! She was definitely showing her displeasure to you, lol.

Here's a link to my tardy TUSAL:


Lindsay said...

I'm glad you worked out what your allergic to that looks painful

Here's my report http://purplepds.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/ort-posting-time.html

SoCal Debbie said...

What a scary picture of your swollen hand! We don't want anything to happen to our hands to stop us from stitching!

Here is my ORT jar growing this year:

Lisa said...

Lovely colours in your orts for this month.

I have been showing mine as a total not on a month by month basis, but the link below shows how full my jar is getting.


blueladie said...

TUSAL 'Day Late, Dollar Short' - http://blueladie.blogspot.com/

Stephanie said...

Hello! I just learned about TUSAL while reading another blog that I love. She linked her TUSAL post to your blog, so here I am checking it out! I love the idea of saving my scrap pieces of yarn (I'm a knitter) in a jar instead of throwing them away. So, I'd like to join in the fun and see how many pieces I have each month.

Glad they were able to get your allergic reaction under control. Not being able to breathe properly would be super scary!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow take care of yourself!

A few patriotic orts there!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Wow, that's kinda scary those hives! What about Molly and that soccer ball...too funny! Here's the ORT report from my end:


Julie said...

That looks very nasty, good job they cous get you sorted, how frightening.
Naughty little Molly lol

quiltygirl1 said...

What a terribly horrible experience. My throat felt strange reading it. Scary for sure!

I am new to your wonderful blog and I see some cute, cute things to stitch. Yes, I am new to stitching, too how can I get permission to stitch them. My email is rashorter@embarqmail.com. Not the gmail that shows up when I post. I had to get that for my phone.

Thank you so much and hope you are much better soon!

Angela said...

Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction to the medicene but glad you figured out what it was causing it.

I know all about busy :)

Sara said...

So sorry to hear about your reaction to the medicine! Hope everything will clear up and no more problems now.

That living room scene looks familiar- our Leland will do that with stuffed toys whether we're there or not. It seems to be his favorite pastime second to killing all squeakers in the toy first.

Oh and my orts are up too. Glad to know I wasn't the only one running a little behind this month.


Catherine said...

So glad you figured out what was wrong!
Silly Molly!!

Lija Broka said...

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ... getting my report in the very last minute.


lekae said...

my report for September and October http://otnoroktushkana.blogspot.ru/2013/10/tusal.html