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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Bah! 13 days since my last post...I am a terrible blogger! I made a resolution this year to blog more. I have already done much, much better than the past five or six years but I can't slack off like I just did!

This is the fault of my latest slack-off:

Really, not just reading Stephen King's latest, The Outsider (set in Oklahoma too) but mid-May, I got myself a library card and have gone to town! Along with the book pictured above, I've read six e-books, two books on CD and one audiobook. I haven't read so much since I can remember. Side note:  I do forgive Mr. King for having his characters refer to Oklahoma City as "Okie City", self-respecting Oklahomans call it "OKC" or simply "The City."

I have been stitching but need some to do some finishing.

Partridge and Pears

Woodland Joy
Did I stitch this on a small enough scrap?

Ho Ho Ho Santa
My current WIP, much farther along than this.
Too lazy to bother taking another photo.

I'll update you with the particulars when I FFO them! I will also have another patriotic finish to share with you soon. My evening is free and I plan to spend every minute in my studio tonight!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


Beth said...

Ohh - really like the partridge!

Kay said...

Sometimes my reading completely takes over my life, and is also the cause of my not stitching that much too. The owls are really cute.x

Brigitte said...

Libraries are such a great place, aren't they. It's always a motivation and I never go home without at least one book :)
Great stitching.

butterfly said...

Love your cute stitching.
I know once you pick up a good book it's hard to put down because it's always calling you.

Marilyn said...

Great stitches.
Love the Partridge piece, so colorful.

Robin in Virginia said...

Super finishes and PS Santa WIP! Good for you on getting a library card and using it! I need to get a new one. Enjoy your day!

Shelly said...

Nice finishes! I need to get back to reading more. Sometimes it gets too hot here to stitch!

diamondc said...

Sharon: I am a fan of Steven King but sometimes he does inject his own words, some of his books scared me the one I think scared me the most was Tommy Knockers, brrr scary.
I love your finished designs, that Owl is so sweet.


Beth in IL said...

I love my library! Nice stitching progress.

marly said...

I really need to read more. Haven't been to the library in years. Cute projects and I don't think that scrap is too small!

Faith... said...

Love your Santa! He is super cute. I love the library and always took my kids when they were growing up and now my grandson. Stephen King was one of the first authors I fell in love with and this book is in my to read pile!

Mouse said...

love your smalls … and I am having a reading frenzy atm as well … gets in the way of crafting some days ..lol love mouse xxxxx

Julie said...

I wish more people took advantage of their libraries, we are losing so many to government/council cuts here in the UK.
Nice smalls you've been working on whilst listening to your books.

Khristine Doiron said...

Beautiful stitching! And good for you for getting out to your library!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the little partridge ornie.

As for the owls - that's the kind of margin I like. 3cm rather than 3 inches LOL

Kaisievic said...

Lovely stitching and thanks for the book recommendation.

Jackie said...

I love to read too. This year I've already read almost as many books as I did in all of last year. Last year was an off year for me. Actually the past couple of years have been off years. I think I'm getting my groove somewhat back. I need to find my sewing mojo though! Looking forward to seeing your finishes - they're always so pretty!