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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Totally Useless Sneak Up

Whoa! I was distracted by Shop Hopping and didn't realize it was the New Moon! The Totally Useless Stitch A Long snuck up on me...It's a good thing I glanced at the calendar while answering emails! Is your ORT jar shined up for display? My year-to-date threads are just getting stuffed:

It's another new start too, kitted up in a hurry as I had finished Ho Ho Ho Santa (below) and had nothing ready for my Monday stay at Dad's house.

Not very much finishing ORTs and zero quilting ORTs.

Last week, I took this to Dad's and had to read instead because I forgot to grab my thread bundle! I was very glad of that library card and kindle that day! I bet I check my supplies better from now on...


Now it is YOUR turn...we want to see your ORTs! Leave a comment on this post with a link to your June TUSAL post so we can come to visit! If I hold a Totally Useless giveaway your comment will earn you an extra entry.

Wondering what a TUSAL is and why all these people are posting pictures of rubbish? Click here to learn more and join the fun!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


Kaisievic said...

Hi Sharon, I was just writing my TUSAL post right now and was checking out your blog so that I could link - how serendipitous is that? You can find my ORT report here: https://kittenstitching.blogspot.com/2018/06/it-is-tusal-time.html

Love your Santa but yes, how annoying when you leave something vital behind like floss or a needle or scissors or once, in my case, the pattern! Aaagghh!

Robin in Virginia said...

Ho Ho Ho Santa looks super. Glad you were able to read although I bet you will double check your to go bag the next time.

Pamela said...

I like your Santa!

Sandy Longan said...

Your jar is bursting with ort's Sharon, and such a cute Santa.
My jar was getting close to the top, you can see them here. https://smalltownstitchin.blogspot.com/2018/06/tusal-update-for-june.html

Hugs, Sandy

Sandy said...

Tell me about your jar of threads, not understanding what you mean. Your Ho Ho looks awesome. Such even stitches, you must have very consistent tension.

When you say you take something to work on while at Dad's. Are you care taking?

Sandy's Space

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

My worst nightmare - only taking half of what I need to stitch!

Here are my ORTS for the month -

It is the right link - I just seem to think it's still May!

Beth in IL said...

Love seeing about your hop. Thanks for sharing it.
Here is my TUSAL post:

Faith... said...

What a cute Santa!

Here are my ORTs for the month

Mary Ann Tate said...

My TUSAL post for June. I almost missed it too!


Jeetje Van Wijhe-Fuchs said...

I'm late! That is because my jar was emptied and received a different filling. Fortunately, I now have a new bigger jar!


Cindy said...

Love your Santa! I have always loved to read, but I just can't find anything to hold my interest lately, I think I would have been totally lost if I had been out of town without being able to stitch!
I have finally completed my post:http://cindygambill.blogspot.com/2018/06/progress-to-share.html


Deb said...

A little late but here it is my Orts for June so far, https://deborahsbitsandpieces.blogspot.com/2018/06/slow-stitching-tusal-and-more.html

Your orts are packing the jar nicely

Julie said...

Sweet Santa

Khristine Doiron said...

I love your Santa finish!! Here are my orts http://cross-stitching-mama.blogspot.com/2018/06/june-tusal.html

FlashinScissors said...

Such neat stitches! What a cute Santa!
That’s so annoying, when you are ready to stitch and something vital is missing!
It’s usually the needle with me! They fall down the side of ny chair from time to time!
No, actually they don’t any more, now that I have my mini stitching kit! (Oh gosh, I sound like some corny old advertisement!).
Barbara xxx
My ORTs are here: