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Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy weekend

I had such a busy weekend! On Saturday, I cleaned out my closet and clothes drawers. I took out everything I didn't/couldn't wear. I now have an empty closet! I seriously have nothing left! I hate clothes shopping with a passion and will put it off as long as possible. I guess I need to go shopping but I'd rather buy stash instead...

Saturday afternoon we went to Tulsa and did a little home-shopping. I bought new drapes for the living room. (I don't mind shopping for other stuff!) There was an ascot valance over blinds but it was so annoying to watch TV during the daytime with the glare from the window. Fixed now, I spent all Sunday morning cleaning the blinds and Rick moved the curtain rod to hang the drapes. We can see the TV if the sun is out; yippee!

After curtain shopping we had a bite to eat and headed over to see the Talons whip the Yard Dawgz. We beat them handily but I've forgotten the score. This puts the Talons at 4 & 0! I ate an entire bag of peanuts during the game and that after I'd just had dinner...no wonder I have no clothes! :o)

Sunday was window cleaning. It took me forever to wash those filthy blinds! But you can't hang new curtains over a dirty window. Here is a photo of the new drapes closed... And this is what they look like open. Pretend you don't see the dog bites and broken slats on the blinds. We used to have a couch that sat against this window and when Sheba was younger she'd sit and watch outside all day. She would get so upset when we left the house she'd bite the blinds in frustration. I forgive her; I can count on one hand the number of things she has "messed up" in her life. A friend of ours came to the door one day when we were not at home. He said Sheba nearly went through the window after him when he rang the bell! All this nonsense stopped after we moved the couch. Although...Sheba is still quite ferocious when someone rings the bell.I think the new drapes look very nice. Plus, I can see the TV! Here is a pic of the vicious blind-biter herself. She is too cute to be so fierce!
I did almost no stitching this weekend. :o( I did place an order for a bit of stash and planned a few things out in my head. The drawers under my stitching area desperately need to be sorted as I cannot find some charms I know I have...
Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments you leave. I am so blessed with many wonderful friends. Your kindness and encouragement always cheers me up!


Holly said...

I love the curtains, and with two cats, my blinds look much worse than yours.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Karen said...

Nice curtains , Sheba looks cute, when Candy was a puppy she chewed the knobs off our dresser when we went out lol , as that was the only danage she has ever done we just laughed and bought more knobs (metal ones lol)
I hate clothes shopping I really need to lose some weight so I can fit the clothes I have lol

Rachael said...

You can come and clean out my closet next time you visit the UK ...LOL I have just bought a load of new clothes for my hols,as all I wear are Jeans and T-shirts,and I never lost the weight :0( so DH treated me to some skirts and summer tops !!
Aww look at Sheba the little sweetheart...butter wouldn't melt!!

~Julie~ said...

I think those curtains look absolutely perfect for the room! It gives it a very richly hued tone! It looks welcoming! =)

As far as shopping for clothes is concerned--I hear you!! I can shop all--day--long, for household items (like curtains LOL), pictures, sheets, whatever. But clothes? Ack--no thank you!!

Sheba is a doll-baby!!! It is hard to believe she has a ferocious bone in her body! =) Thanks for posting piccies!


Mary said...

The curtains look lovely! My cat just got finshed chewing every leaf on my plant in the bathroom...she never would go in there by herself before 2 days ago! I also have blinds that are bent...but I guess that goes with having pets!

Lillie said...

The curtains looks lovely and makes the room cosy. Your furbaby looks anxious..of the new curtains?? lol