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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hard at work

I'm posting a little update to PT. This is my progress from the last two weeks. First, I worked a bit in the bottom right area; adding a few more eyes. From a distance, I'm starting to see the tree, grass and tail form~encouraging!
Then, I decided I needed some mindless stitching so I worked on the top border. Before, this was only the gold outlines. Now, there is quite a bit filled in. I'm itching to do some of the eyelets. Should I or not? Maybe I should wait and do them all at once? Help, I can't decide!!!
I'm rather happy with my progress since I started the SAL; this is the most stitching the bird has seen since he was started. I think I'm beginning to get into a rhythm on this and that is very nice! I also like rotating my WIP's although I've only been working the two peacocks of late. I'll need to work on my counting sheep soon or they might get lonely!

I did post a picture of PT completely unfolded on my main blog in case you'd like to see the entire monster! ***This post imported from my other blog***


Lindsay said...

I say if your in the mood to do eyelets then do some, much better than being fed up of the sight of them at the end

Delphine74 said...

It's looking great! I managed to finish backstitching my small area of pear leaves, so I need to post another picture too.

I agree with Lindsay, if you want to do some eyelets, do some! :)

Pam said...

I keep saying I would never get this done but if you keep up the great pics I might cave someday.

It is looking wonderful.


stepbeanie said...

I found the eyelets quite relaxing, if anyone's interested in a swap I'll do your eyelets & you do my grass & trees sound fair?? rofl. The beast that is PT is looking great though.