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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I had mail

Yes, I had mail waiting on the front porch but didn't find it until we happened to go out the front door! We usually use the garage entry. What a great surprise, even though I knew it was coming.
It was my order from Amazon; Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd DVD (for Jess) and Cross-Stitch Designs from India by Carol Phillipson (for me). I have gift certificates from Amazon so I decided to treat myself...and it's got PEACOCKS! The book is at a strange angle because it's all shiny and new and it's too dark to take good photos indoors. My only grouch is the book is charted only for Anchor floss and I use DMC. But it does have some really lovely designs and some fun ones mixed in. Now if we could get Amazon to carry Sweetheart Tree or Shepherd's Bush or...

I've been stitching away at Peacock Tapestry and have the top border 3/4 finished. I am thinking to rotate soon to the counting sheep or Cypher or starting another small project but haven't really decided. I want (need) to stop stitching PT while I am interested so I look forward to stitching it again. The last thing I want to do is get burnt out!
Holly has a really fun story on her blog about how she got started cross stitching. Does it sound familiar to you? Take a look here at her post and see what you think.


Floss said...

Yeah for Amazon! I have treated myself many a time there as well. :)

Floss said...

oh shoot, it's patternnuts, I am still logged into the flossmoms email account. Sorry!

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