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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

Look what I found in my mailbox! Ta-da!
A wonderful birthday pressie! It came from Rachael! This is a tea towel featuring the area Rachael lives in, some neat threads and a silly birthday greeting card. I love the towel; Rachael knows how much I love England. The threads are fun...Six Strand Sweets: Cookie dough and a DMC fiber I've never seen before...and such yummy colors! Thank you, Rachael! You are a dear to remember my birthday. What an awesome surprise!

Yes, I'm 40 tomorrow! How did I get so OLD??? Rick and I will go to Edmond tomorrow to visit my family and perhaps go out to eat at Chelinos. YUM! I love Mexican food; I could eat it every day! In celebration of my birthday I have three days off work! Yippee!

Some bad news. Rick's friend, Harold, had an accident on his motorcycle yesterday. He scuffed up his bike, broke his scapula and a rib. I'm just thankful he walked away! Rick wasn't with him having spent the afternoon with me. It makes me a nervous wreck when Rick rides...


Rachael said...

I am glad it reached you before your Birthday,Have a great 40th tomorrow,although over here it is ten minutes past midnight so I'll Happy Birthday for today!!

Rachael said...

I meant to say I'll wish you a Happy Birthday!!

Sandra said...

I used to think 30's were the best age, until I reached the 40's, now I know this will be the best decade! Happy belate birthday and welcome t5o the 40's!