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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here is the latest photo of my WIP Peacock Tapestry. It has eyes! Peacock feather eyes, that is. It doesn't seem like much progress from my last photo but with all the blends and color changes it goes slower. There is some blending filament being used in the area I am in and now it sparkles! I was a little thrilled to use some of the brighter colors after all the earth tones in the grass and tree.
It looks like I started the complete opposite than Shannon. I got the border laid out and began stitching at the bottom right. That will be fun...you can watch her PT fill in from the top while mine fills from the bottom. I love Shannon's grid lines. That must make things so much easier. I was too excited to start stitching to lay out a grid.
I'm putting PT aside for a short while to work on Peacock Cypher. I'll try to get a photo of that project up when I have some progress worth showing.

Happy Easter to everyone!

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Delphine74 said...

Yay! Part of a peacock! I'm still debating whether or not to leave the peacock for last, as a reward...we'll see.

I put my grid lines on PT just a couple of years ago, when it looked more or less like it does now in an effort to make me want to work on it, but once I got the grid lines done, I didn't do much else. *l* So, I'm trying again.

Lindsay said...

Lovley bit of progress there Sharon