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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yay! Some pressies arrived!

I haven't been able to show any progress photos of late because I've been stitching gifts. Today, I have word that two packages have arrived at their new homes! This first set is a mattress pincushion I stitched for Rachael. Go see her blog; her photos are much better!

This one is a fob I stitched for Barb in Austraila. Barb doesn't have a blog but you can see some of her lovely work here. The design is from Mouseloft; one of my favorites!
Both Rachael and Barb are my flosskids. They keep me shopping and are such lovely friends to have. I still have other pressies in the mail and waiting to be sent! I can't wait to show those to you as well.

I have been busy on Peacock Tapestry this week. I need to take a new progress picture as I have really made good headway. I'm going to set it aside soon to have a go on Peacock Cypher. I'm hoping to get both of these and the counting sheep finished this year. Hum, that might be a leap of faith statement but I can dream a little!

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Lillie said...

Both are lovely. Peacock Tapestry, TW is an equisite piece. Had wanted that chart too ...can't wait to your progress. Happy weekend.