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Monday, March 31, 2008

Peacock Cypher

Here is my progress on Peacock Cypher. I've been working on Cypher this week and now that I've finished this panel it is back to Tapestry, for a while. Cypher is a lot of fun to stitch and the specialty stitches keep it interesting. Wouldn't you know, I can do those stitches...no problem; but I'll bet I frogged parts of the over-one stitches three times?! No beads yet and the beads are gorgeous too. I especially enjoy beading so I'll treat myself with them at the end.

And hey, no figuring out the cipher and telling. Against the rules. There is a curse, you know...

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Delphine74 said...

Very pretty! I like the color. :)

Zeb said...

I still can't figure out the cypher and thats STOPPING me from getting this design!