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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bedlam football Saturday

It's bedlam time! Rick is a OSU Cowboys fan, my dad is an OU Sooners fan. Rick scored tickets to the bedlam game and invited Dad to go with. Seriously, these two should be mortal enemies but they are best buds instead. Rick smoked BBQ ribs and grilled stuffed jalapenos. I dropped them off so they could avoid the crazy football traffic and outrageous parking prices. I saw they only wanted $50 to park at the convenience store...and they looked pretty full...OMG! The game starts in an hour. The boys have a standing bet on this game every year. The loser buys the winner dinner out. Unfortunately, Rick usually ends up buying...

There was a surprise in my mailbox from Lisa. She sent me a darling ornament and a reindeer teatowel with my Christmas card. Jessie has called dibbs on the towel, already!

Isn't this the sweetest ornament? I really need to get my tree up!

Thank you so much, Lisa!

Good night, I completely forgot to tag people for the Bookworm meme. ***blush***

I was able to remove a few blogs from my following list (ones that don't use Blogger) to make a little room. I also requested to Blogger to give us more room!

I am nearly finished with my second snowman exchange so I will finish him tomorrow. Then, I think I'll work on my regular (and long neglected) WIPs.

Thanks for reading my blog today!


Theresa said...

Sweet ornament!!!

Becky K in OK said...

Go Pokes! Listening to them on the radio and watching on the tv.

Your snowman is a cutie.

tkdquintmom said...

WHAT a cute ornie that turned out to be! Ya know I have this pattern and for some stupid reason I never would think to make it into an ornie. Oh and LOVE the motorcycle. My DH and I bike also. He has a Goldwing...I fall asleep on that thing....lol!

Cindy F. said...

Great ornie and exchange!

Anonymous said...

cute ornie, and super exchange

Suzanne said...

I love that little ornament...can you post the designer and name of the chart?

It's great that your DH and your dad get along so well!


Christine said...

I'm guessing these two teams are local rivals?
Lovely little ornament.

Julie said...

Lovely ornie, nice goodies too.

Nice pic of your boys ... who bought dinner LOL

Ranae said...

Cute ornie, it's adorable.
Great blessing that the two guys get along so well