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Friday, November 28, 2008

Fun holiday

We had a fun holiday yesterday. I had to work the morning but as soon as I was off we packed up the bike and rode to Edmond, where my parents live. Yes, it was actually warm enough to ride, 65 degrees! We had turkey, with all the trimmings, shared with my parents, sister, brother and his wife & kids. Jessie came too, of course. It was a fun time even if we were all in different stages of sniffling and coughing! It was pretty cold on the ride home...leather chaps and coats are pretty toasty even in the wind...but the chaps don't cover your rear. Just call me icicle butt.

Christine sent word the floss tag she won from me arrived. When I saw who'd won the draw I knew I wouldn't be able to resist sending a few extras. Christine loves penguins! Here is a snap of the goodies I sent and visit Christine's blog too!

I tried to add a new blog to my following list today and it refused. It said I had reached 200 blogs and that was the limit. How sad is that? Apparently, I have too many friends.

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I want you all to know how much I enjoy your comments. I treasure your friendship!


Julie said...

Lovely parcel you sent to Christine.

Hope you soon feeling better.

Becky K in OK said...

We have been spoiled by the weather haven't we? The FT looks great on the green fabric. Too cute.!

Pumpkin said...

Nope, no cycle for me in our weather! Brrrr! LOL!

So cute! I'm sure she loved it :o)

ROFL! Too many friends huh?

Tanja said...

Oh boy you should complain, how can you ever have too many friends? :-) You're a popular blogger, and I can see why!


Olga said...

Cute penguin goodies for Christine.
Too many friends? Never heard of such a thing!

Theresa said...

Great package with all the penguins~~

Too many friends?! That is ridiculous~~

Heidi said...

Love that floss tag! Where do you find the floss rings?

No! You cannot have too many friends like you cannot have too much chocolate. LOL! Or stash...no...that is not true and I do. I am like a stitching and quilting shop in my quilt studio. I know I have a desk top but the overflow has been hiding it. :) I really was a bad girl when I bought all that extra stuff and did not stick to using just the 'free money' for threads.

Hugs ~

Angela said...

Lovely package you put together :)

Tammy said...

Great floss tag! The bike is gorgeous!! How fun!

Christine said...

Thankyou again for the gifts, I love them all.
How can you have too many friends? Too silly for words!

Annie said...

Sounds like a fun holiday and you definitely give good exchange!

So you've reached your friend limit. You'll have to wait for one to pick a fight with you now before you can add a new one!

Anonymous said...

wow! super package you sent to Chistine

Too many friends, boo! to blogger

Ranae said...

Beautiful bike!
Nice package sent.