Daffy's Stitchy Friends

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been sitting here thinking. Reading blogs and commenting when I feel like doing so. My feet move and I feel resistance. Sheba has come to lay near my chair under my feet. So quiet I never heard her come in. Now, I know she is there and my legs need a stretch but I can't move because I have a good dog.

I don't read many blogs that aren't stitching related. One of my favorite non-stitchy blogs is We Three, Ginger Cats Tales. The cats have a Border Collie puppy living with them. I find their adventures fascinating.

There has not been any stitching going on here since Sunday. Sad, huh? I was pleased as punch to get disaster snowman fixed, finished and sent and even made great progress on my next one...then fizzle. No worries though, I'll get mojo'd up tonight and be back to normal.

I bought an album last weekend. It's So Far by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. A dear favorite of mine. I had this once from my brother as an LP when I turned 14. When I was young he always bought me a record album for my birthday.

It turned off cold this week but not for long. I'm getting pretty upset with you girls to the north getting lots of snow and we probably won't get much as usual. You big snow hogs. Seriously, I love snow; I hate driving in it. Careful what you wish for, right?

Jessie has a workshop at school tomorrow. Rick is going out with friends to a football game. Not for anything would I go sit outside in 40 degree weather for hours. This is why I like arena football=central heat & air. I'm an indoor kind of girl. Oh, I'm off topic...ha! Like this post actually ever had a topic...I have the day to myself tomorrow. I can't decide what I want to do. I could go to Tulsa and go stash shopping. Except, I need exactly nothing and I'd end up spending (lots) money on stuff I really don't need. I could go to Oklahoma City and visit my sister & mom. Though, I'm sick with a snotty sneezely cold and I'd hate to infect them with it. I could sit at home all day and stitch and jam to music. Gahhh, I can't decide.

Rick has crinkled what sounds like a chips bag. Sheba has left to investigate. He might need help with those chips and Sheba is a good Border Collie.


Pumpkin said...

Those are a lot of thoughts ;o) LOL! Listen, if we get snow, I'll send it ALL down your way. Honest. You can have it. Every last flake...

Jan said...

We had a few snowflakes today, but nothing came of it. I think you should sit and stitch and take care of your cold tomorrow. That's my thought. :-)

Suzanne said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who won't move b/c they don't want to disturb the dog! LOL

If it was me, I'd stay in tomorrow, enjoy the warmth of the house, and drink hot spiced cider. I bought some and have really been enjoying it. Pretty soon it will be time to switch to eggnog.


Srinity said...

I loved the cats' blog- My mind loves animals but my body doesn't... it's a sad thing to be allergic and not be able to have a cat or a dog.

I have a very lazy Saturday. I hope I get some stitching done.

Anonymous said...

We are supposed to get some snow this weekend,but blink and you'll miss it!
Hope you managed to decide what to do!

Lisa said...

I think cold weather is better to think in than hot, don't you? It was 36 degrees here this morning. Ugh.

Claire said...

I would gladly give you ALL my snow if I could. bah

I think you should spend the day stitching. I have to work all day so you could do the stitching for both of us. lol

glamlawlib said...

I love the cats blog too, they live in a lovely part of Wales. I hope your cold gets better soon.

BTW we rarely get snow either :(

Cyn said...

Hi Sharon,

Well we also had the snow flurries yesterday. I hoping it's not going to be one of those winters!

Just found your blog this week and I've enjoyed reading all of the entries and comments!

Windy Meadow

Paisley said...

I'll send you some snow if you send me some sunshine!

Lori said...

Tonnes of snow here... and cold... but I'm keeping it, don't worry.

Those are some tough decisions to make,... I think I'd go with stitching and music, given your sneezy situation.

I bet your Collie is pretty.

Julie said...

Hope you soon feel better, we had snow today, not a lot(good!)

Stitcher said...

My sympathies with regards to the cold....if you came to my blog, you probably caught it from me :o)
Lotsa snow up here...you should move to Canada ;p