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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A not so nice surprise

Rick is doing yard work and I'm putting the pinkeep together when he calls me to the back door. I can tell from the tone of his voice that it's not just an "I wanna see you" type of come here. It was a "somethings wrong" kind. He'd moved some stuff on the patio and found this:

A Black Widow spider. Just what we want to see this early in the season! I still have the creeps and can feel imaginary spiders crawling on me!
Um, Rick took care of her; sort of...

I'm afraid we find these rather often around our house. Outside, usually...only once was the spider inside the house. Do you want to hear the story?

I used to keep a large aquarium and would test the water quality every week. The test kits were stored in a shoe box under the tank in the cabinet. The box had holes on each end and I'd always poke my thumb in the hole to lift the box. One Saturday, as I was getting the box out...I thought I felt filter floss (kind of like fiber fill) and kept wiggling my thumb thinking, "I don't remember putting any in here." When I got to the kitchen sink, I set the box down and opened the lid. Imagine my horror to find I'd been skootching my thumb all around in a black widow's web! The spider sat in the middle of the web; horrified itself by all the thumb skootching.

I sat down right on the floor and called Jessie. She checked the box I was pointing at...I couldn't breathe...and was quite concerned I'd been bitten. No, I was just very faint. Once I could stand up again we took care of her, well, sort of! I never picked up my test kit box with my thumb again.


~Julie~ said...

OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GOSHHHHHH!!!! Okay---I shall never sleep again.

That is just SCARY as all heckfire!

Here I was--opening your blog to see what your latest stitchy-beauty was---and was greeted by a big...black...furry...crawly...THINGGG.


... who is laughing, cringing, and itching all at the same time--and who doesn't forgive you yet...

Elaine said...

Oh Sharon nasty, nasty, nasty, I hate spiders. Thankfully in Scotland they can't harm you but they still freak me out.


Annie said...

So do you have a telephoto lens on the camera? I wouldn't have wanted to get near enough for that close-up pic!

Holly said...

Ewww... my parents also live in Oklahoma and they actually get tarantulas and scorpions. They also frequently see (and hear) rattlesnakes! I was so freaked out by the creepy crawlies when I moved there (senior year of high school), that I used to hold my shoes upside down and shake them before I'd put my feet in them.

Barbara said...

I am so incredibly relieved that I live in an area where there is nothing (indigenous) that's poisonous!!!